The Last 33 Years As Told By CNN

The Cable News Network celebrated 33 years of 24/7 cable coverage Saturday.

1. CNN’s first day in 1980

2. Reporting that Ronald Reagan was shot in 1981:

3. 1982 and the Tylenol murders in Chicago:

4. Keith Olbermann in 1983 at a Redskins’ victory parade:

5. 1984 election coverage:

6. A 1985 report on Hurricane Elena:

7. 1986 coverage of the Challenger launch and subsequent explosion:

8. 1987 coverage of the stock market crash:

9. 1988 election night coverage:

10. A 1989 promo for Bernard Shaw’s The World Today:

11. 1990 on the “Crisis In The Gulf”:

12. CNN’s award-winning 1991 coverage on the bombing of Baghdad as it happened:

13. 1992 election coverage:

14. The 1993 Waco stand off:

15. The 1994 Republican Revolution:

16. 1995 Crossfire:

17. 1996 election coverage:

18. 1997 interview with Osama Bin Laden:

19. 1998 coverage of the Clinton impeachment:

20. John McCain in 1999 on CNN during a debate:

21. The Florida recount, confusion in 2000.

22. 2001 and the September 11th attacks:

23. Donald Rumsfeld discussing meeting with Saddam Hussein during a 2002 interview:

24. The beginning of the Iraq War and shock and awe in 2003:

25. When Jon Stewart singlehandedly destroyed Crossfire in 2004:

26. Hurricane Katrina and the aftermath in 2005:

27. 2006, covering the midterms where Democrats took over the House/Senate:

28. A 2007 Democratic debate:

29. Obama winning the election in 2008:

30. Larry King’s 2009 interview with Hugo Chavez:

31. Coverage of the 2010 elections saying the House would go Republican:

32. The Japanese Tsunami in 2011

33. Obama winning a second term in 2012:

34. Piers Morgan interviewing Alex Jones about gun control in January 2013:

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Andrew Kaczynski is a political reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in New York.
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