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Here’s How To Be Kinder To Your Fasting Friends This Ramadan

A few dos and don'ts to help you both get through the month.

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Muslims around the world are fasting from sunup to sundown for the month of Ramadan. Writer Zain Alam and artist Jason Adam Katzenstein put together a guide for how to be a kinder, more thoughtful friend to people who fast.


Zain Alam is an artist and storyteller whose work explores South Asian artistic traditions, Islamic history, and diasporic identity in America. His recording project Humeysha is based out of NYC and has been featured in Noisey, Fader, and The Village Voice. He is presently artist-in-residence at the ArtCenter/South Florida BHQFU fellowship and a graduate student of Islamic studies at Harvard University.

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Jason Adam Katzenstein is a cartoonist and TV animation writer. His work has appeared in The New Yorker, The A.V. Club and MAD. He is the artist of Camp Midnight, a graphic novel written by Steven T. Seagle and published with Image Comics.

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