T.I. Holds A Question And Answer Session On Twitter, Gets Hilariously Trolled

Unsurprisingly, questions soon turned towards his history of arrests and his beef with Azealia Banks.

1. Rapper T.I. spent nearly an hour participating in an online Q&A with VH1 using the hashtag #AskTI, and it went left almost instantly.

It’s not the first time a well-intended hashtag went awry; the same thing happened to the NFL and the NYPD.

2. The hashtag was soon filled with questions about T.I.’s legal troubles, his recent beef with Azealia Banks, and his musical endeavors.

Did you fire the people who allowed you to release TI vs TIP #askTI @Tip

— Prince Zuko (@TunezDeLaGhetto)

#AskTI @Tip Is Young Dro a good intern?

— Markus (@markushwang)

#AskTI @Tip Who carries around the step stool that you have to stand on to talk to Iggy?

— Markus (@markushwang)

What is the best combination of punches to throw at Mayweather? @Tip #AskTI

— Joᖾ Swervo (@Rob_Van_Ham)

#AskTI When you cosigned the "These Hoes Ain't Loyal" were you talking about the one who almost took a charge for you? @Tip

— SoWrongForThat.Com (@sowrong4that)

Did Azealia see any stairs yet? #AskTI @Tip

— Craig Jenkins (@CraigSJ)

What Fatburger menu item is the best... for throwing at your enemies? #AskTI @Tip

— Craig Jenkins (@CraigSJ)

BRUH ... RT @CraigSJ: #AskTI which do you prefer, June weather or May weather?

— everything I'm not (@No_Cut_Card)

How many people did you snitch on to get your sentenced reduced? Follow up: will you @ them? #AskTI @Tip

— ParaManziel (@JustParallel)

does "TI" stand for "terminally incarcerated"? #AskTI @Tip

— neil mccauley (@the_blueprint)

does prison have a frequent customer rewards card? #AskTI @Tip

— neil mccauley (@the_blueprint)

How bad are you gonna fuck up @AZEALIABANKS? #AskTI RT @VH1: .@Tip is here ready to answer your questions! #AskTI

— Rich Homie Trey (@ThotsLoveTrey)

When did you realize the TI Vs TIP album was a mistake? Before or after you left the studio? #AskTI

— Neil ArmSkrong (@BoyNamedTawanda)

After ending Lil Flip's career, did you take any ironic satisfaction in turning state's evidence? Are you the bigger Flip now? #askTI

— Edutainment Channel (@Eddrickation)

How can you tell if the guy you're buying guns from is a Federal Agent? @Tip #AskTI

— #Him (@2ndCaptainFly)

21. The rapper seemed to have a bit of fun with it, though.

Iron Man. He's the weapons specialist. RT @JustVisine #AskTI Hey man big fan here and just wanted to know who is your favorite superhero?

— VH1 (@VH1)

22. And definitely the best, most important question of all:

What sorcery do you use to keep your hat on at a perfect 90 degree angle? @Tip #AskTI

— Deola (@DeolaCola)

23. But there were plenty of earnest questions, too, with really interesting answers coming from the man himself.

My uncles + @pharrell RT @Jotawzrd #AskTI Do you have an idol/person who inspires you? If yes , who ?

— VH1 (@VH1)

Tupac "Me Against the World" RT @quinforster81 What's your favorite album of all time? @Tip #AskTI

— VH1 (@VH1)

1986 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme RT @victoryrn_ What was the your first car? #AskTI

— VH1 (@VH1)

If you can get away with it, go for it. Guess that's some kind of hustle. RT @BeigeTilDeath Can I put my cable bill in your name? #AskTI

— VH1 (@VH1)

Congrats, Tip. You survived!

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