The NYPD Learned A Very Valuable Lesson About Asking The Internet To Use A Twitter Hashtag

A request for pictures of members of the New York Police Department went horribly wrong. WARNING: This post contains graphic photos of alleged police brutality.

1. Updated — 6:56 p.m. ET

2. Today the NYPD asked Twitter users to post cute personal photos with NYPD officers.

3. And for a while it worked pretty well.

4. People were sharing nice pictures of NYPD officers just hanging out.

5. And that was nice… for about an hour…

6. Until people started filling the #MyNYPD hashtag with photos of alleged police brutality.

8. And it doesn’t appear to be slowing down.

9. A lot of Twitter users started finding photos of police officers from any city and tagging them with #myNYPD.

10. It turns out Twitter users had more than a few photos of NYPD officers looking less than friendly.

12. And then things got even worse when Occupy Wall Street’s Twitter got involved.

14. Turns out not everyone is a huge fan of the NYPD.

16. So, the lesson here? Be careful what you ask for on the internet, I guess.

18. The NYPD issued a statement about #myNYPD and said Twitter provides an “open forum.”

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