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These Costumes Are As Weird As This Election Cycle

Obi-Wan Kenboni, Hillary-Harley, and deleted emails.

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This Halloween, some people opted for a creative approach to candidate costumes. Like this woman, with her Hillary-Harley mashup.

Instagram: @hillaryharley

Others embodied the many ~scandals~ of this election cycle: Hillary Clinton's deleted emails.

I'm Hillary Clinton's 33000 deleted emails


And who could forget the taco bowl tweet?

Instagram: @p

Others channeled the election's many personalities, like Tomi Lahren.

I wanted to be something scary for Halloween so I dressed up as @TomiLahren 🇺🇸

And, of course, Ken Bone.


Remy Smidt is a reporter with BuzzFeed News and is based in New York.

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