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21 Valentine Cupcakes That Will Make Your Coworkers Love You

Even anti-romance curmudgeons can secretly love pink cupcakes. Bring a batch of these to the office and you will be a hero forever.

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4. Vanilla Cupcakes With White Chocolate Truffle Centers

Just regular, innocent-looking cupcakes until you bite into the SECRET LINDT TRUFFLE TREASURE buried inside! Would be arguably even more delicious with milk or dark chocolate truffs. Recipe here.

15. Heart-Stencil Brownie Cupcakes

Bake brownies in muffin cups, cut out a paper heart shape, sprinkle powdered sugar on top. Use the anti-heart paper outline to make white hearts. EVEN YOU are capable of this artistry!

And if the people in your office have dietary restrictions...

You can earn their love forever by bringing vegan or gluten-free treats.

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