27 Ridiculously Fun Products That Will Make Your Summer More Delicious

Your invitation to my boozy snow cone party is already in the mail.

1. Remote Control Cooler

Come to me, darling. Get it here.

2. Old-Fashioned Snow Cone Maker

Get it here. Don’t forget to order syrup too or try making your own.

3. Wine-Holding Adirondack Chair

They’re actually made out of recycled wine barrels! Get it here.

4. Barbecue Dining Boat


5. Zoku Quick Popsicle Maker

Keep the base in your freezer and you can make popsicles in as little as seven minutes (!). Get it here.

6. S’more Grilling Basket

Look, I know what I’ve said in the past. But I’m willing to make an exception for this grilling gadget, because s’mores are great however you make them. Get it here.

7. Four-Bottle Beer Glass

Just one drink, I promise. Get it here.

8. Hot Dog Roller

At first you’re like, why do I need my hot dogs to rotate continually as I cook them? And then you’re like, how was a stupid old non-rolling hot dog EVER interesting enough to hold my attention? Get it here.

9. Dip-on-Ice Serving Bowl

Stay cool. Get it here.

10. Professional Cherry Pitter


11. Shot Glass Ice Mold

In the world of novelty ice molds, anything that directly enables more efficient alcohol consumption rules supreme. Get it here.

12. Cotton Candy Maker

Legit didn’t know you could make cotton candy at home! Screw the state fair, I’m just gonna grab a couple puffballs and hang out somewhere with air conditioning. Get it here.

13. Countertop Mini Keg Cooler

Pour your own draft beer from 4/5/6-liter mini kegs: the ultimate party power move. Get it here.

14. Campfire Roasting Rods

Sure, you can break a stick off a tree for free. But will you feel like you’re reeling in the delicious catch of a lifetime?? Get them here.

15. Stacked Drink Dispenser

For all your (boozy) Arnold Palmer needs. Ballers only. Get it here.

16. Frozen Fruit Soft Serve Processor

An investment worth making if you’re tired of battling frozen bananas with your crappy little stick blender. Get it here.

17. Wine-Chilling Glasses

There’s a secret layer of liquid inside; you freeze the glasses and they keep your rosé cold on a hot day. Get them here.

18. Grill Light & Fan

GRILL ALL NIGHT. Get it here.

19. Fish Popsicle Molds

Shapes include shark, clownfish, octopus, whale, and puffer fish. Buy these for your toddler nephew and then “forget” to give him the gift. Get it here.

20. Indoor Marshmallow Roaster

Listen, it’s gonna rain for at least half of your vacation. Be prepared. Get it here.

21. Portable Ice Maker

This guy can freeze up fresh cubes in just 20 minutes. And infinite ice, close at hand = infinite party. Get it here.

22. Ice Cream Blending Stone

You know how you go to Cold Stone and you’re like, I could totally smush stuff into ice cream and NOT pay you $8 for a cone? Now all of your curmudgeonly dreams can become reality! Get it here.

23. Inflatable Serving Bar

Aww, it’s like the drinks are having their own little pool party. Get it here.

24. Pineapple Corer

You don’t even have to like eating pineapple to enjoy how badass this will make you look. Get it here.

25. Giant Wine Glass Cooler

Get it here, on sale for a low, low $329!

26. Bonfi Outdoor Chair/Table/Cooler

This handy lil log is still in the works; you can check on Quirky to see when it becomes available.

27. Slushie Machine

Blue razz + booze. Just a suggestion. Get it here.

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