21 Recipes That Will Completely Transform Boring Leftovers

For when you’re staring down the same dinner three nights in a row.

Jenny Chang for BuzzFeed Life

1. Toss curry leftovers onto a pizza crust and add All The Cheese.

The best kind of “leftover pizza” tbh.
Get the recipe here.

2. Stuff any leftover meat into refrigerated biscuit dough to make these cheesy biscuit cups.

Get the recipe here.

3. Or turn mashed potatoes into cheesy potato muffins.

Get the recipe here.

4. Transform any pasta and sauce combo into pasta fritters.

Pasta + breadcrumbs = dream food.
Get the recipe here.

5. Put your pot roast in a patty melt.

Get the recipe here.

6. Add some cinnamon & sugar to your extra pie crust trimmings — then just roll up and bake.

Or just skip the pie entirely and just make these cookies.
Get the recipe here.

7. Stuff that last row of lasagna into bread dough and bake it.

Get the recipe here.

8. Soak leftover croissants in a caramel custard and bake.

::Cries tears of joy::
Get the recipe here.

9. Use that Christmas hambone you stuck in the freezer to make the perfect January soup.

Get the recipe for leftover hambone soup here.

10. Give mashed potatoes new life by whipping them into gnocchi.

Honestly the only way to improve upon the perfection of mashed potatoes.
Get the recipe here.

11. Pack any leftover poultry and veggies you have already cooked into a pot pie.

Get this recipe for turkey pot pie here.

12. Make shortcut taco soup out of the remnants of your family’s taco night.

Get the recipe here.

13. Stuff leftover spinach dip into an easy veggie omelette.

Yes, dip always counts as veggies.
Get the recipe here.

14. Wrap meat and veggies in crescent dough to make your leftovers more of a ~PaRtY~.

Get the recipe here.

15. Repurpose leftover birthday cake into shareable cake balls.

For those who somehow have leftover cake? Sounds fake, but ok.
Get the recipe here.

16. Make cheesy arancini out of leftover rice.

Get the recipe here.

17. Mix mashed potatoes into light and fluffy potato rolls.

No kneading or mixer required. Get the recipe here.

18. Give extra hamburger and hot dog buns new life and make them into breakfast pastries.

Turn the uneven ratio of hot dogs to buns into a beautiful thing.
Get the recipe here.

19. Pair your extra slow cooked pork with baked potatoes and cole slaw.

Get the recipe here.

20. Combine extra frosting with just four extra ingredients and bake to make flavorful cookies.

Get the recipe here.

21. Turn day-old rice and chicken into the perfect fried rice.

The perfect comfort food.
Get the recipe here.

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