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Israel's Prime Minister Dyed His Hair And Boy, Was That A Choice

What even happened to your head, Bibi.

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is no spring chicken, as this recent photo with US Defense Secretary Jim Mattis shows, but he's been rocking the silver coif for a while.

So it was...odd when he showed up at the start of this month with hair that was definitely no longer the grey that we'd gotten used to over the years.

Jack Guez / AFP / Getty Images

Even Bibi himself looks perturbed by the change in this April 2 photo. "Have I made the right choice?" his eyes seem to say. "Are people staring? People are definitely staring." Defense Secretary Avigador Lieberman stares ahead, determined to not let the photographers capture him marveling at his bosses new 'do.

Yeah, that's noticeably darker all right. It's sort of a sandy brown situation in this picture a day later.

Handout / Getty Images

So, yeah, weird but at least he managed to keep it relatively low-key that he'd changed i-


At least Bibi himself had the good sense to know that he goofed, making fun of himself in a video released during the end of Passover last week.

צאו לטייל בארצנו היפה. חג שמח לכם!

"Everything is green, a bit brown,” he said, according to a translation from the Forward, “and I’m not talking about the color of my own hair, ok.”

“By the way, they say brown is the new grey,” he said, proving he hasn't lost his razor sharp wit he displayed in the last Israeli general election.

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