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29 Very Special Caramel-Apple Recipes

The chilly weather is coming. Keep your loved onescakes nearby.

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4. Salted Caramel-Apple Crumble

Don't be scared! You make a quick caramel sauce. Then to make the crumble, mix flour, sugar, butter and salt in a bowl (you don't really need a stand mixer, you could def use a fork). Cook apples down for 5 minutes, add caramel, top with crumble and bake. Get the recipe.

5. Mini Caramel Apples (made with a melon baller!)

THESE ARE SO CLEVER. Why risk feeling like your front teeth are going to break off when you bite into a huge caramel apple, when you can just eat a bite-sized one? Get the recipe from At Home In Love.


12. Best-Ever Caramel-Apple Cinnamon Roll

The reason this is delicious, I think, is that it has caramel sauce spread on the dough AND THEN you sprinkle caramel candies on the caramel sauce. AND THEN you pour caramel sauce on top of the rolls after they're done baking. TRIPLE CARAMEL. Get the recipe.


13. Caramel-Apple Pie Bombs

This recipe comes from Pillsbury, so they want you to use a can of their refrigerated biscuits instead of making the dough. And yes, those biscuits are processed and contain all kinds of weird unpronounceable ingredients. But at least it will be easy! Get the recipe.

15. Apple Cider Pancakes with Caramel Apple Syrup

If you WANTED to chop apples pretty small and then cook them until they're soft with a tiny bit of butter and sugar and drop them into these pancakes like you would do with could. The recipe doesn't say to do that, but it might be fun. I also don't know if it would work. Get the recipe.


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