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101 Things The Political World Cared About 10 Years Ago (But Today, Not So Much)

Don't wanna be an American idiot.

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1. E-mail.

2. IBM ThinkPads.

3. Blackberries.

4. Saying "Crackberry."

5. The billions of dollars that vanished in Paul Bremer's Iraq.

6. Paul Bremer being awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom.


7. George "Slam Dunk" Tenet resigning as director of the CIA.

8. George "Slam Dunk" Tenet being awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

9. Former Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neil dishing on the first two years of the Presidency of George W. Bush.

10. Doug Feith being too neocon.

11. Donald Rumsfeld.


12. George W. Bush joking about weapons of mass destruction at the White House Correspondents Dinner.

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13. What Joseph Wilson didn't find in Africa.

14. Valerie Plame.

15. Patrick Fitzgerald, the new Eliot Ness.

16. Whether Matthew Cooper should go to jail.

17. Judith Miller's career at the New York Times.

18. Scooter Libby.


19. Crawford, Texas.

20. Trent Lott's political career.

21. Bill Frist's political career.

22. Michael Steele's political career.


23. Norm Coleman running for RNC chair.

24. George Allen '08

25. Rudy Giuliani '08.

26. Zell Miller at the RNC.

27. Abu Ghraib.


28. Liberals talking about letting red states secede.

29. Liberals contemplating secession.

30. Liberals pretending to be Canadian when traveling in Europe.

31. Liberals moving to Canada.

32. The restorative powers of the Bush tax cuts.

33. Comanche helicopters.

34. "George Bush's $1 trillion deficit."

35. CBS rejecting's anti-Bush Super Bowl commercial.


36. Cindy Sheehan.


38. Air America Radio.

39. Keith Olbermann.

40. Dan Rather.

41. Michael Moore.

42. Billionaires For Bush.

43. The Yes Men.

44. Jib Jab.


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45. Blogs.

46. Bloggers.

47. Blogging.

48. Jessica Cutler, aka Washingtonienne.


49. Who is on Meet The Press.

50. Who anchors the evening news.

51. Bob Woodward.

52. Pat Buchanan.

53. Talking about what color the terror threat level is.


54. Osama bin Laden.

55. Pat Tillman.

56. Invoking 9/11.

57. The 9/11 Commission.

58. Flag lapel pins.

59. Impeaching Bush.


60. President John Edwards.

61. President Tom Daschle.

62. President Dick Gephardt.

63. President Wes Clark.

64. President Carol Moseley Braun.

65. Howard Dean's wife.

66. Howard Dean's scream.


67. Swift boats.

68. Windsurfing.

69. John Kerry speaking French.

70. John Kerry calling the home of the Green Bay Packers, "Lambert Field."

71. Football Fans for Truth.

72. John Kerry trying to order swiss cheese on a cheesesteak.

73. Hanging chads.

74. Campaign finance.

75. Diebold voting machines.

76. "Gay marriage."

77. Gavin Newsom.

78. San Francisco issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

79. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger.

80. Jim McGreevey's sex life.

81. Jack Ryan's sex life in the 1990s.

82. Yassar Arafat dying.

83. Saddam Hussein.

84. Ron Artest.

85. Bernie Kerik's nomination to head the Department of Homeland Security.

86. Jack Abramoff.

87. Former U.S. weapons inspector David Kay's senate hearing.

88. Flu vaccine shortages.

89. The bird flu.

90. Stem cells.

91. The MyDoom virus.

92. NASA.

93. Mars.

94. Donald Trump's casinos filing for bankruptcy.

95. Martha Stewart going to prison.

96. Green Day's American Idiot.

97. Janet Jackson's nipple.

98. The Passion of the Christ.

99. The Dixie Chicks' opinion of George W. Bush.

100. The Dixie Chicks.

101. Iraq.

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