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    Aug 23, 2014

    23 Foods You Need To Deep-Fry Immediately

    Fry me to the moon and let me play among the chicken-fried bacon.

    1. Tequila Shots

    At first it might seem disappointing that these are not technically deep-fried shots, but rather pieces of tequila-soaked cake. But really, this is a good thing. Because, DEEP-FRIED PIECES OF TEQUILA-SOAKED CAKE. Recipe here.

    2. Ice Cream

    Sometimes it's OK to be a little hot and cold. Recipe here.

    3. Watermelon

    More like WHAT!?-ermelon. Recipe here.

    4. Pimento Cheese-Stuffed Cheeseburgers

    John Gara / BuzzFeed

    This bad boy was recently crowned America's Next Great Food Mash-Up. Yes, really. Recipe here.

    5. Tortellini

    Essentially serving a pile of these with some marinara sauce is the easiest way to turn an entrée into an appetizer. Recipe here.

    6. Coca-Cola

    #ShareACoke with your deep fryer. Recipe here.

    7. Avocado

    Maybe you knew about this one. (I think I've mentioned it before.) Recipe here.

    8. Cookie Dough

    IMPORTANT QUESTION: Should we call it a Coo-nut or a D-ookie? Recipe here.

    9. Bacon

    Pan-frying just isn't enough. Chicken-fried bacon recipe here.

    10. Baconnaise

    Combining two high-fat foods was a good idea. Deep-frying the result is an even better one. Here's how.

    11. Cheesecake

    Go ahead and stare. Recipe here.

    12. Corn On The Cob

    There's never been a better time to NOT own a grill. Recipe here.

    13. Root Beer Floats

    Believe it. Recipe here.

    14. Peanut Butter and Jelly

    Your seven-year-old self is crying tears of joy right now. Recipe here.

    15. Kool-Aid

    Guaranteed to stain your mouth. Recipe here.

    16. Nutella

    The King of the Spreads. Recipe here.

    17. Bubble Gum

    Grav Weldon and Kat Robinson /

    No recipe (probably for the better), but you can read all about it here.

    18. Pizza

    J. Kenji Lopez-Alt /

    Fry the dough, top it off, then stick it the oven to melt that cheese. Recipe here.

    19. Bagel Sandwich

    Some days you want the kind of breakfast that will induce a food coma and justify a morning nap. Recipe here.

    20. Lasagna

    The best just got better. Recipe here.

    21. Beer

    I know you probably think this is a cruel joke, but I promise, I would never do that to you. Fried beer is real. Here's how you do it.

    22. Cadbury Creme Eggs

    Sorry to spring this on you when Easter is still so many months away. Recipe here.

    23. Spaghetti and Meatballs

    On. A. Stick. Recipe here.

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