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21 Easy Thanksgiving Recipes For Lazy Cooks

Be thankful for slow cookers and crescent roll dough.

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1. Coat your turkey with butter before you cook it instead of brining or marinating.

Macey Foronda / BuzzFeed

No brining means no need to clear out your entire fridge for two days before Thanksgiving in order to fit a five-gallon cooler in there. The butter will keep your meat moist and add flavor. Just remember to thaw your turkey a few days in advance.

Recipe: Easiest Thanksgiving Turkey and Gravy


12. Swap the green bean casserole for easy stovetop green beans.

Green bean casserole has many parts (bechamel, fried shallots, etc.) and it isn't even very good. This one-skillet green bean dish is easier, faster, fresher, and more delicious.

Recipe: Pancetta and Hazelnut Green Beans

13. Bake a semi-homemade pie with premade pie dough and homemade filling.

Macey Foronda / BuzzFeed

Using store-bought crust means all you have to do is unroll it into a pie dish, then mix your filling ingredients together and pour them in. No waiting for the dough to "come together," no flour-coated countertops!

Recipe: Easy Pumpkin Pie

14. Add cheese and nuts to a simple green salad for lots of added flavor and minimal added prep.

"Easy salad" doesn't have to by synonymous with "lettuce, tomatoes, and cucumbers in a bowl with bottles of store-bought dressing on the side." Easy salad can actually taste like something (preferably nuts and cheese).

Recipe: Irresistably Easy Salad


15. Make a quick, sweet appetizer with cream cheese, caramel sauce, and toffee pieces.

A sweet appetizer might be the best way to gear up for a mountain of savory food. Plus, having something for guests to snack on will keep them from asking when dinner is going to be ready.

Recipe: Easy Caramel Apple Cream Cheese Spread

16. Cook squash with the skin on so that you don't have to waste time peeling it.

The skin will add color, and lots of people like to eat it. Leave the squash in big pieces too. This will save you time, but it'll also make it easier for skin-averse guests to peel it off.

Recipe: Maple Roasted Acorn Squash