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21 Easy Brunch Dishes Even The Most Hungover Person Could Make

No one wakes up on New Year's Day with the energy for yeasted waffles.

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Prep these overnight french toast dishes before you go out on New Year's Eve, then just throw them in the oven in the morning!

10. Omelette Waffles

OK, this one takes some time (because somehow no one has figured out how to make an express waffle maker), but very little effort. Serve bloody marys and no one will complain about the wait. Recipe here.

Use storebought crescent roll dough as a shortcut to deliciously carb-y brunch.

No-cook recipes. In case, you know... You. Just. Can't. (But you have to, because people are coming over.)

18. Smoked Salmon Smørrebrød

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You'd have to anticipate your own incapacity far enough in advance to buy some pretty unusual groceries, so why not just go out and get everything right now? Recipe here.

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