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9 Ingenious Food Hybrids That Deserve To Be Famous

That is not an objective opinion because we created them all.

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Good Morning America asked BuzzFeed Food editors to come up with nine original recipes for food mashups, then debut them on air over the course of three days, and let viewers pick the best.

Fred Lee / ABC

We were like, "Does this mean we get to be on TV?" and they were like, "Yes," and so we were like, "Then we will humbly and awkwardly attempt to create the next Cronut."


Bacon, Egg and Cheese Wafflebrown Sandwich (THE WINNER of Day 1!)

Lauren Zaser / BuzzFeed

The bun is made of hashbrowns cooked like waffles. There is also bacon, egg, and cheese involved, obviously. Recipe here.


Chili Mac 'n Cheese Fries (Runner Up)

Rachel Sanders / BuzzFeed

Are you drunk right now? OR: Do you want to feel like you’re drunk without actually going to the trouble? In either case, these chili mac ‘n cheese fries are HERE for you. Recipe here.

Pimento Cheeseburger Corndog (THE WINNER of Day 2!)

John Gara / BuzzFeed

A burger patty stuffed with pimento cheese, shaped like a hot dog, then battered and fried like a corn dog with all that gorgeously puffy, bready state fair magic. Recipe here.


Banana Pudding Cannoli A.K.A. "Bannoli" (Runner Up)

Christine Byrne / BuzzFeed

A fried shell lined with sweet banana slices and filled with wafer crumb-studded, banana pudding. The bannoli will change you, and that change will be for the better. Recipe here.

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