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28 Genius Ways To Drink More Whiskey

Small changes, big results.

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1. Pour yourself a shot of whiskey before you go to sleep, so that it's waiting for you when you wake up.

So that it's waiting for you TO wake you up.

2. Make it a part of your dental hygiene routine.

Ke$ha gets it.

4. Consider bourbon-soaking your coffee beans before you grind them.

In addition to the whiskey you'll add to the brewed stuff, duh.


5. Don't forget to spike the brewed coffee, too.

6. Don't like coffee? Whiskey pairs well with breakfast.

10. Upon arriving at work, make a stop at the water cooler.

11. Bad day? Send yourself a nice bouquet.

14. Now that it's the afternoon, switch from coffee to soda.

15. If it's cold outside, get over your 3 o'clock slump by going for a walk in the snow.

Via Twitter: @bullyboybooze

16. If it's warm outside, go for a quick hike.

Provided you are near a picturesque lake/mountain/canyon/etc.


18. When you get back to your desk, assess your mood.

19. If you're feeling a little off, make some tea.

20. Always have healthy snacks at your desk for emergencies.

22. If it's date night, do what's most practical.

23. If you're going to the gym, that's cool too. Fireball is a great post-workout recovery drink.

24. On nights when you have to bring work home with you, power through it.

26. Hot chocolate is a great way to unwind.