What If Politicians Were Doge?

This is what they are really thinking, and you know it.

1. Have you heard of Doge? If not you live under a rock with no internet.

2. We think Doge can lend some insight to the thoughts of our political leaders.

Jonathan Ernst / Reuters

3. Shutdown Harry

Jason Reed / Reuters

4. Mitch McConnell

Gary Cameron / Reuters

5. Ted Cruz

Joe Mitchell / Reuters / Reuters

6. Harry Reid

Yuri Gripas / Reuters

7. Nancy Pelosi

Jason Reed / Reuters

8. Chris Christie

Jonathan Ernst / Reuters

9. Bill Clinton

Larry Downing / Reuters

10. George H.W. Bush

Kevin Lamarque / Reuters / Reuters

11. George W. Bush

Matt Sullivan / Getty Images

12. Hillary Clinton

Via Jason Reed / Reuters

13. Sunny Obama

Jason Reed / Reuters

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