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Another Round, Episode 5: Young East African Girl

On this week's episode: East African feminism, the joy of frolicking through Tumblr, and another sloppy round of drunken debates. Subscribe on iTunes!

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It's Tuesday! That means it's time for another episode of Another Round!

And how could you not be excited when you hear that this week's guest is the incomparable and insightful Hannah Giorgis?

If you like feeling smart and being enlightened and laughing and generally enjoying life, follow Hannah on Tumblr and on Twitter!

And since we apparently don't value our livers very much, we play another round of drunken debates, in which one of us struggles to remember the word "goddess."

Chris Ritter / BuzzFeed

All that comes out is "Greek mythology lady." Guess who screwed that one up!


Here are eight random things you can look forward to hearing in this week’s episode:


5. "What about #WhiteOutDay?"

7. "There's a strong contingent of grape-flavored-things truthers."

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