11 Life Lessons We Learned From Janet Mock

Writer, filmmaker, trans activist, and beautiful human Janet Mock stopped by BuzzFeed’s Another Round podcast to tell us about her skincare routine, why coral is her power color and her new film The Trans List.

This is Janet Mock, a human being whose glow is undeniable and life-giving, like the sun.

Timothy Greenfield-Sanders / Via Courtesy of HBO

This week, she talked to us on Another Round about her new HBO film The Trans List, surviving a Trump presidency, and of course, Beyoncé. Listen here:

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Here are some of the things we learned:

1. Never trust anyone else’s lighting. Janet’s phone case works like its own light kit, which means her cheekbones + highlighter are always on point in photos.

Julia Furlan

You can find it on Amazon! If you think it’s too steep a price, think about it: what is a really good selfie worth to you?

2. Get yourself a husband who’s *literally* one of a kind.

Janet: “Aaron is the only child of a white midwestern woman from North Dakota who married the one black man who went to her college.”

Tracy: “You literally have the only one of him. This interview is over, goodbye.”

3. Don’t sleep on Destiny’s Child — the midriffs and the performances alone are worth it.

“They were so pivotal — seeing them. Seeing them was this lightbulb moment that not only could I exist and be powerful, but I could exist and be seen.” Spoken like the true TRL kid she is.

4. Julia Sugarbaker of Designing Women is a feminist hero we should really celebrate more often.

“She has the best monologues in the entire world. Go look at it.”

5. A reminder that you can center the stories of trans women of color, even if you’re dealing with the cis white gaze.

Y’all, if Janet Mock can do it while making a her HBO documentary The Trans List, so can you.

6. Find your people and let them lift you up. Like Keija Taylor, Editor-in-Chief of Brides magazine, who featured Janet and Aaron’s beautiful wedding.

“All of this stuff, all of it happened because of the black sisterhood. I felt cradled and taken care of to share parts of my marriage and wedding with the world.”

7. You can get her skincare routine! She uses Acne.org cleanser for oily skin and micellar water to remove makeup.

Get. That. Glow.

8. Instagram over Twitter, all day. It’s nicer and prettier!

According to Janet, when Twitter feels toxic, Instagram feels like love (and Melissa Harris-Perry agrees)!

9. You don’t have to always respond; it’s okay to stay silent and take a break.

The moment in #thetranslist where @translatinbamby leaves the interview... @janetmock reminds us it's ok to take a… https://t.co/Ul9xDvYjjf

— Another Round (@anotherround)

10. Get yourself something coral if you want to feel good. It’s the color of Janet’s soul!

“It reminds me of my grandmother’s garden. It reminds me of the orange in the birds-of-paradise, but also it just looks good. It pops.”

11. And this is important: trans folk, get your passports now.

Please RT @transrelief's amazing graphic about why trans people should consider getting passports now. #LGBT… https://t.co/9FZY0FYlph

— Meredith Talusan (@1demerith)

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