Rihanna Kicked Out Of Abu Dhabi Mosque For Photo Shoot

Authorities at the mosque said Rihanna’s pictures were “inappropriate.”

Authorities at Abu Dhabi’s Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque have asked Rihanna to leave the premises after a photo shoot she uploaded to Instagram.

Despite covering her hair with a hijab, and eschewing her usual outfits for something a bit more modest, Rihanna was asked to leave the world’s largest Muslim place of worship for taking “inappropriate pictures.”

Authorities in Abu Dhabi said they stopped Rihanna from entering the mosque itself after she posed for some sultry shots in the courtyard outside the mosque complex.

In a statement posted on its website, the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Centre said, “The singer entered on a private visit without introducing herself and without prior coordination with the administration.”

“She was asked to leave before entering the mosque after she posed in ways that do not match the sacred status” of the complex.

The center added that visitors had to meet the “standards of decency” to enter the mosque, and that didn’t include sitting in “disrespectful positions.”

Rihanna performed a live concert in Abu Dhabi on Saturday night and left the Gulf on Monday for a concert in Israel Tuesday night.

While her concert seems to have gone over well with fans, many weren’t happy about her impromptu photo shoot.

“Rihanna modelling in the Sheikh Zayed mosque is just plain wrong. Who let her in?” <—- salah satu komen

— TROY (@HUNK_TROY) October 21, 2013

Rihanna pics at Shaikh Zayed mosque are disrespectful to the place its Place of worship

— Ahmed (@Ahmedcarter) October 20, 2013

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