Your Favorite Old Social Networks: Where Are They Now?

Remember Mr. Zuckerberg, nothing gold can stay.

1. Friendster

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Do people still use it?
Sort of, it’s apparently a social gaming site now.

Recent posts
A user named aRvIn-107904831 posted in a forum on Friday May 18th, 2012:

”:’( i like the old FS they reinvent this to a gaming site :::::::::::(((((((((((“

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2. Livejournal

Do people still use it?
From the looks of it Livejournal still hosts a pretty decent amount of blogs, looking more like a straight blogging platform than the online diary set-up it used to sport.

Recent posts
The top post in terms of traffic right now on Livejournals ratings page is from a blog called Oh No They Didn’t and an article of theirs about The CW’s upcoming Sex And The City prequel called The Carrie Diaries.

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Do people still use it?
Uh, from the looks of it not really, no.

Recent posts
When looking up my own high school, I found an account that was made in April of 2012, so apparently Facebook hasn’t killed it just yet.

ID: 304726

4. Purevolume

Do people still use it?
Bands have been releasing music on it pretty steadily, it doesn’t really seem like the hot bed of musical promotion it was when it first hit the scene, and the frontpage bands aren’t exactly one would call relevant.

Recent posts
A user named Tabzy17 recently listened to the song “Scars Of The Crucifix” by the band Decide.

ID: 304746

5. Open Diary

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Do people still use it?
Open Diary is generally regarded as one of the first social networks ever, though from the looks of it, it’s a ghost town.

Recent posts
User Hel’s Half Acre posted on Friday May 18th, 2012:

“Telling atheistis they’re going to burn in Hell is as effective as convincing obstetricians that babies come from storks.”

ID: 304765

6. Xanga

Do people still use it?
Yes, but not very many at all.

Recent posts
Their top post currently is titled “The White Man’s Burden” and in it user thetheologianscafe argues that there should be United White Fund. So there’s that.

ID: 304918

7. Stickam

Do people still use it?
Shockingly, Stickam, which was always the livestream platform of choice for the screamo community, is still pretty active. There are still a good amount of weird people streaming really weird things to one another on there.

Recent posts
Electronic band Blood On The Dance Floor are unfortunately popular on Stickam. But I wouldn’t really suggest watching anything they post on there because it’s really, really weird in a very sad way.

ID: 304919

8. Last.FM

Do people still use it?
Spotify is really the top of social music discovery right now, but thanks to some smart moves integrating with Tumblr, Facebook, and other social platforms, Last.FM is pretty darn active these days.

Recent posts
According to their Charts page Goyte’s “Someone I Used To Know” is the top track for Last.FM users, with 11,430 listeners.

ID: 304963

9. DeviantART

ID: 304987

Do people still use it?
If you told me 8 years ago that DeviantART would still exist, let alone be decently relevant online, I would have called you a liar and told you to strop drawing erotic Doctor Who otherkin fanart and get away from me. But yes, it’s still one of the top social networks for trading artwork. Time makes fools of us all, I suppose.

Recent posts
User Skittycat posted a comic titled “tawni hates humies” Which is described as:

tawni is a dick: part 2

(in this story the animal people have little fleshy blob creatures called humies as pets the way we would have a cat or a dog)


i agree with some of his rant but he’s still a dick

what’s a punchline

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10. Myspace

ID: 305048

Do people still use it?
Holy cow is Myspace dead! Like, completely and totally empty. There’s of course no way of proving it, but it looks as if it’s nothing but spambots commenting on other spambots’ profiles with a stray teenager here and there listening to a hardcore band or local rapper.

Recent posts
Finding someone who’s posted something that wasn’t spam in the last 6 months was very difficult, but user Sidra Anwar (who is very possibly a spam bot himself) posted this on the screamo band Attack Attack’s profile 2 days ago:

hi i like your profile pic.

ID: 305049

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