A Little Boy With Brain Cancer Met With President Obama

Jack Hoffman isn’t your normal 7-year-old, though, and not just because of his condition. Earlier this month, Jack ran a 69-yard touchdown in a college football game.

1. Seven-year-old Jack Hoffman suffers from pediatric brain cancer and today he travelled to Washington to meet President Obama.

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2. Jack also got to hang out with former Nebraska football player Rex Burkhead on Monday, too.

Jack Hoffman
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3. Rex helped Jack live out a dream — to play in a Nebraska Cornhuskers football game.

Jack Hoffman
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4. If you’re unfamiliar with the story: Jack not only got to play in the game…

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5. He ran a 69-yard touchdown for the team!

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6. The video of Jack scoring the incredible touchdown has over 7 million views on YouTube.

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7. Jack’s dad told The Journal Star that they were thrilled to meet the President on Monday.

Matt Ryerson / AP
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8. Jack’s had an incredible month, last week Senator Deb Fischer pushed a resolution through making Jack’s birthday, September 26th, National Pediatric Brain Cancer Awareness Day.

Matt Ryerson / AP
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9. Go Jack!

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