36 Surreal And Defiant Photos From Istanbul’s #OccupyGezi

These are the quirky, tired, and dramatic faces of Turkish activism.

1. Darth Vader showed up.

3. And there are Guy Fawkes masks.

5. There are musicians.

7. There are musicians wearing Guy Fawkes masks.

Protesting like a boss. #Taksim #OccupyGezi

— AnonNewsSwe (@Anonymous Sweden)

8. And a musician who marched, guitar in hand.

9. There is yoga.

Gezi Park'ta yoga yapan direnişçiler. Poziyonun adı "Altaylı SCD"

— AltugYucel (@Altuğ Yücel)

"Oh yes, the #occupygezi demonstrators are very violent. They're doing yoga right now" via

— RebelMouse (@RebelMouse)

Gezi Parkı'ndan güzel görüntüler gelmeye devam ediyor:) Yoga saati! #DirenGeziParkı #OccupyGezi

— filmhafizasi (@Fil'm Hafızası)

12. A lot of yoga.

14. And there is a library.

@SDMumford In today, people distributed a lots of books and they read in gezi park like that :)

— OzgeKurbetoglu (@Queen of Plunderer)

16. There are dogs.

A dog inside Gezi park, it's placard reads " Tayyip with no personality"! #istanbul #gezipark #occupygezi

— KatyShafigh (@Katy Shafigh)

17. Like this one in sunglasses that rides a motorcycle with his protester human.

Guy that was photographed yesterday sleeping with his dog + mask + glasses, here again ful awake at Gezi Park

— Dilmunite (@Arie Amaya-Akkermans)

18. Or this dog that would rather have a park than a mall.

'If there's no park, I'll poop in the mall' (from Istanbul protests) #direngeziparki

— ycinar (@Yildiray Cinar)

19. Or this dog that understands the importance of a clean Gezi Park no matter how vicious the protesting becomes.

A dog helping with the cleaning in Gezipark, Istanbul. #occupygezi #occupyturkey

— MeetAnimals (@Animal Planet)

20. There are dogs that are being protected from tear gas.

21. And some that became more active than others.

Protesters in Istanbul helping a dog affected by tear gas.

— Fugucherie (@Cha Sophie Nielsen)

22. There is art.

Gezi cok kalabalik ve harika! #direngeziparkı #occupygezi

— gurkangurel (@Gurkan Gurel)

Turkish protesters get creative: because statues are people too. #occupygezi #direngeziparkı #bubirsivildirenis

— aylinyrd (@Aylin Geziparkı)

24. And there is kissing.

"Ogni movimento rivoluzionario è romantico per definizione" (Antonio Gramsci) Foto da Istanbul

— popoloviola (@Il Popolo Viola)

capulculove ❤ #occupygezi #occupyturkey #direngezi #ozgurlugunesahipcik

— birsenbirdir (@Birsen Birdir)

26. There was even a bride and groom that marched in their wedding attire.

27. There is a whirling dervish in a gas mask.

The picture of the dervish protester in a gas-mask is already iconic. #occupygezi

— YiannisBab (@Yiannis Βaboulias)

(When I saw the gas-mask dervish yesterday, he was shirtless!) #occupygezi

— BananaKarenina (@Elif Batuman)

29. And a protester-organized SWAT team, complete with spray-painted anarchy riot shields.

View this embed ›

30. There are children.

With all the violence, this is the most powerful image I've seen out of #turkey. #occupygezi #OpTurkey

— AnonOpsLegion (@Anonymous)

32. And young people.

34. And protesters that are a little bit older.

36. Now in its eighth day, at least 3,195 people have been injured and 700 people detained since last Friday, with no signs of slowing down.

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