There Is A Dog That Wears Sunglasses And Rides A Motorcycle Protesting At #OccupyGezi

Sunglasses Motorcycle Dog is a local celebrity and it looks like he and his human have joined the protests.

1. This is Istanbul’s Sunglasses Motorcycle Dog.

ID: 1242810

2. He’s a cool-as-heck dog that rides around Istanbul on his human’s shoulders.

ID: 1242805

3. Reuters snapped this photo of S.M.D. (Sunglasses Motorcycle Dog) riding around Takism Sqaure during the protests on Sunday.

ID: 1242836

4. It appears that S.M.D. has been hanging out in the area throughout most of the protests, occupying the park with the rest of the activists.

Arie Amaya-Akkermans


Guy that was photographed yesterday sleeping with his dog + mask + glasses, here again ful awake at Gezi Park

ID: 1241859

5. S.M.D. and his human are park regulars, according to a protester who spoke with BuzzFeed on Wednesday via Facebook Chat.

ID: 1242776

6. S.M.D. often dresses up in a Turkish soccer jersey and barks at park-goers wearing the jerseys of rival soccer teams.

ID: 1241686

7. He’s often called “The Hipster Dog” or “The Riot Dog Of Istanbul” by Turkish social media users.

The Riot Dog of Istanbul! #occupygezi #taksim #direngaziparki

— Stratos Moraitis (@stratosmoraitis)

Stratos Moraitis


The Riot Dog of Istanbul! #occupygezi #taksim #direngaziparki

ID: 1241860

8. Here’s a photo of both him and his human wearing protective eyewear.

ID: 1242677

9. Stay safe out there, Sunglasses Motorcycle Dog.

ID: 1242696

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