12 Board Games That Should Not Exist

Internet memes, “Jersey Shore,” and ESPECIALLY Zynga ripoffs-of-board-games-turned-back-into-board-games are an affront to gaming. They must be stopped. posted on

1. Awkward Family Photos


From meme to book to board game.

2. Angry Birds



3. Draw Something


Now we know why Zynga bought OMGPOP!

4. Old Maid (FarmVille Edition)


Gotta be honest, ripping off IRL games isn’t really enhancing Zynga’s reputation as an innovator (LOL)

5. Hungry Hungry Herd


Hmmm, looks so familiar.

6. Deadwood


Al Swearingen is turning in his grave! See also: A Walking Dead board game and the Hunger Games… game. Oh and Game of Thrones… the game.

7. CityVille Monopoly



8. Jersey Shore Tin


“With over 600 questions, you and your friends will have hours of fun reliving all your favorite moments from the hit MTV reality show.”

9. The Game of Life: Dog’s Edition


10. You Gotta Be Kidding: The Crazy Game of “Would You Rather” for Kids


Unclear how this improves upon the regular, talking version.

11. Apples to Apples: Bible Edition


Don’t worry, there is also a Jewish Edition.

12. Words with Friends


It’s not a joke.

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