12 Board Games That Should Not Exist

Internet memes, “Jersey Shore,” and ESPECIALLY Zynga ripoffs-of-board-games-turned-back-into-board-games are an affront to gaming. They must be stopped.

1. Awkward Family Photos

From meme to book to board game.

ID: 647532

2. Angry Birds


ID: 647541

3. Draw Something

Now we know why Zynga bought OMGPOP!

ID: 647556

4. Old Maid (FarmVille Edition)

Gotta be honest, ripping off IRL games isn’t really enhancing Zynga’s reputation as an innovator (LOL)

ID: 647573

5. Hungry Hungry Herd

Hmmm, looks so familiar.

ID: 647566

6. Deadwood

Al Swearingen is turning in his grave! See also: A Walking Dead board game and the Hunger Games… game. Oh and Game of Thrones… the game.

ID: 647588

7. CityVille Monopoly


ID: 647594

8. Jersey Shore Tin

“With over 600 questions, you and your friends will have hours of fun reliving all your favorite moments from the hit MTV reality show.”

ID: 647599

9. The Game of Life: Dog’s Edition

ID: 647604

10. You Gotta Be Kidding: The Crazy Game of “Would You Rather” for Kids

Unclear how this improves upon the regular, talking version.

ID: 647606

11. Apples to Apples: Bible Edition

Don’t worry, there is also a Jewish Edition.

ID: 647611

12. Words with Friends

It’s not a joke.

ID: 647622

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