See A Timeline Of People Tweeting While Trapped Inside Kenya’s Westgate Mall

While in hiding, some people turned to Twitter to share their ordeal in real time, all while begging to be rescued. posted on

2. When the shootout at the Westgate Mall first began, many inside were confused at what was happening.

7. Fear set in as those who had Twitter access gradually realized that there was an ongoing shootout.

Shooting is still going on. Does anyone know if police are here? Were scared

13. The gunfire would start and stop.

20. Hoping to get out, the people in hiding asked others to get help, even tweeting at Kenyan officials or media outlets.

PLEASE SAVE US RT @CitizenTVNews: IG David Kimaiyo to issue a comprehensive statement as soon as he gets to the #WestgateMall

Can someone from the police department tell us what the situation is at the #Westgate? We're holed up inside.

@PoliceKE we have locked ourselves in the westgate store near 2nd floor parking. we need help

26. From their hiding places, some of the people inside the mall said they could see the shooters.

There was a lady..very long hair in jeans shooting from 2nd floor.

The one guy I saw had magazines of bullets attached everywhere on him. Big gun that showered bullets. Randomly shooting at people. And kids.

30. Slowly, they began to be rescued.

Grateful to @KenyaRedCross whose MD came to personally rescue 33 of us in our hiding place at #westgate. A great company. Forever indebted

Today could have been 'that' day.. this is what I keep telling myself... getting myself to sleep is hard..I dunno, it's just hard.

35. Though the ordeal is over for the survivors, they are just beginning their journey of recovering from what they saw.

Crying. And praying. I lay in a pool of someone's blood, a dead little boy lying on my side. Trying to call for help, keeping others calm.

The lady hostage who was shot.I'm told she's a journalist. That scream was deafening. R.I.P #Westgate

I still have dry blood in my hair. Not mine. It's of that little boy who was shot instead of my son...

I am out. Thank y'all for your prayers. That aint a scene you'd wish for even your worst enemy.

Image of the boy I was trying to save but got shot instead of my son keeps swimming in front of my eyes. How do I sleep after seeing that?

41. Elaine Dang, a San Diego woman, was seen being brought to safety from the mall.

Stringer / Reuters

43. She has since updated on social media that she is recovering in a hospital in Kenya.

I am recovering. Thank you for all the love and support - in Kenya and overseas. Terrorism knows no religion #onekenya #notabigtweeter

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