Terrifying Cell Phone Video From Inside The Westgate Mall During The Terrorist Attack

Shooters are briefly seen and shots ring out while shoppers try to hide in a supermarket.

1. A new video shows the chaotic scene during the Westgate Mall attack allegedly carried out by Somalian terrorist cell al-Shabab, in which 62 people are said to have been killed. Shoppers crouch behind shelves and wince as bullets ring out inside the upscale shopping plaza.

3. As of this morning, top Kenyan officials announced they had killed two of the terrorists inside the mall, and believe they have freed most, if not all, of the hostages.

5. The death toll was also revised from 68 to 62, with the Red Cross saying that some bodies had been counted twice.

Death Toll is 62, figures we posted earlier was as a result of double counted bodies moved from morgue to morgue ^PO

— KenyaRedCross (@Kenya Red Cross)

7. Explosions rattled the mall this morning, as a large plume of dark gray smoke rose from inside the mall’s main grocery and department store as the siege entered its third day.

Stringer / Reuters

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