Read A Poem By The Renowned African Poet Who Died In The Westgate Mall Attack

The sounds rounded our lonely skies/among the nims the dancers gather their cloths/stretching their new-shorn hides off offered cows/to build themselves new drums.

1. Kofi Awoonor, born in a small village in Ghana in 1935, wrote poems depicting Africa during colonization. He also served as Ghana’s representative for the United Nations from 1990-1994. He was killed while shopping with his son.

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Within the airwaves we carry
our hutted entrails; and we pray;
shrieks abandoned by lonely road-sides
as the gunmen’s boots tramp.
I lift up the chalice of hyssop and tears
to touch the lips of the thirsty
sky-wailing in a million spires
of hate and death; we pray
bearing the single hope to shine
burnishing in the destiny of my race
that glinting sword of salvation.

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4. Read the rest of the poem here

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