17 Refreshing Beer Cocktails You Need In Your Life

A shandy (aka beer + fizzy or fruity stuff) is the only drink you really need on a summer afternoon.

2. Southern Shandy

A little peach brandy never hurt any shandy. Get the recipe.

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3. Texas Grapefruit Rattler

Grapefruit and bitters put a very classy edge on your beer. Get the recipe.

ID: 3324363

4. The Snakebite

Half hard cider, half beer, all rock ‘n roll. Get the recipe.

ID: 3324623

5. Shandies with Homemade Sparking Lemonade

Get the recipe.

ID: 3324127

6. The Dark & Shandy

Make a spicy syrup with peppercorns, allspice, and ginger, and then mix it with rum, lime juice, and dark beer. Get the recipe.

ID: 3325259

7. Strawberry-Rhubarb Shandy

Get the recipe.

ID: 3324642

8. Captain’s Lime Shandy

With plenty of rum. Get the recipe.

ID: 3324298

9. Ginger Shandy

Ginger liqueur and gin give this one some extra kick. Get the recipe.

ID: 3324145

10. Blackberry-Lemon Shandies

SO summery. Get the recipe.

ID: 3324490

11. Mezcal Shandy

This one’s kinda fancy, for you fancy folks. It’s got mezcal, syrup, lemon juice, bitters, AND a salted rim. Oh, and pilsner. Get the recipe.

ID: 3324478

12. Blood Orange Shandy

If you come across any blood orange soda, this is what to do with it. If you use Sunkist instead, I won’t tell. Get the recipe.

ID: 3324615

13. Spicy Summer Shandy

This classic shandy (lemonade and lager) borrows a spicy salt rim from its cousin, the michelada. Get the recipe.

ID: 3324652

14. The Three And Out

A spicy-sweet pilsner shandy spiked with lemon, honey, chile, and a good amount of vodka. Get the recipe.

ID: 3324895

15. Orange Wheat Shandy

With a splash of almond extract to make it ~special~. Get the recipe.

ID: 3325019

16. Ginger-Rum Shandies

Probably the most grown-up thing involving apple juice you’ll ever drink. Get the recipe.

ID: 3325215

17. Campari Shandy

Campari goes with literally everything. Including beer. Just trust me. Get the recipe.

ID: 3325067

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