25 Hello Kitty Foods That Are Almost Too Adorable To Eat

ALMOST. But not quite, because yum.

1. Hello Kitty Donut

Worth traveling for.

ID: 2998984

2. Homemade Hello Kitty Oreos

Get the recipe here!

ID: 3032800

3. Hello Kitty Yogurt

With granola bar chunks and fresh fruit.

ID: 3032777

4. Hello Kitty Mac ‘N’ Cheese


ID: 3032904

5. Hello Kitty Steamed Bun

Apparently these were (are?) sold at Circle K Sunkus, a Japanese convenience store chain. Step up your kitty game, 7-Eleven.

ID: 3032717

6. Hello Kitty Toast

Still can’t get over the fact that Dutch people eat sprinkles and butter for breakfast.

ID: 3032778

7. Hello Kitty Latté

Good morning!

ID: 3032518

8. Hello Kitty Oatmeal

ID: 3004919

9. Hello Kitty Chocolates

You can buy a mold and make your own Hello Kitty chocolates, ice cubes or….jello shots!?

ID: 3032784

10. Hello Kitty Pocket Pies

Jussssst on the cute side of creepy. Get instructions for how to make them here.

ID: 3032603

11. Hello Kitty Fancy Bow Bento

Nice hairdo.

ID: 3005482

12. Hello Kitty On Vacation Bento

Drive, Kitty, drive.

ID: 3005002

13. Hello Kitty Chocolate Pudding

ID: 3032538

14. Hello Kitty Sushi

True artistry.

ID: 3032560

15. Hello Kitty Instant Ramen

ID: 3032552

16. Hello Kitty Cupcakes

Fondant is magical stuff.

ID: 3005473

17. Hello Kitty Macaron

Get the recipe for the macarons here. You’ll have to perfect the decorating for yourself!

ID: 3005461

18. Hello Kitty Noodles

ID: 3000295

19. Hello Kitty Krispy Kreme Doughnuts

Sold at K.K. in South Korea (jealous).

ID: 3032569

20. Hello Kitty Cake

Classy as heck even when a slice of the face is missing.

ID: 3032775

21. Hello Kitty White Chocolate Caramel Apples

Rosanna Pansino / Facebook: rosannapansino

This video shows how they’re made.

ID: 3032707

22. Hello Kitty Cheese Sandwich

The ultimate in afternoon snack cuteness.

ID: 3004918

23. Hello Kitty Cookie

Clearly the best of the box.

ID: 3032548

24. Hello Kitty Onigiri

ID: 3004929

25. Hello Kitty Cannoli

Take the Kitty, leave the cannoli.

ID: 3033373

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