29 Fourth-Of-July Recipes Your Kids Will Love

Sometimes all it takes to be patriotic is a few well-placed sprinkles.

1. Get the celebration started early with healthy breakfast toasts.

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Just cream cheese or butter, raspberry jam, and fruit.

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2. Have your kids help make these all-natural red, white and blue creamsicles.

You don’t even need a popsicle mold; Dixie cups work fine. Get the recipe.

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3. Grill personal pizza crisps topped with berries, basil and brie.

Get the recipe.

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4. It just takes sprinkles, melted chocolate and blueberries to make party-worthy ice cream cones.

Get the instructions here.

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5. Put together dessert skewers with fruit and angel food cake.

Then dip them in whipped cream or this delicious cheesecake yogurt dip.

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6. Buy a star-shaped cookie cutter once, eat super-fun pasta salad forever.

Get the recipe.

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7. That goes for fruit salad, too.

Get the recipe.

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8. Sprinkle Pop Rocks on cookies to make them into edible firecrackers.

Get the recipe.

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9. You can also hide Pop-Rocks inside little firecracker-shaped cakes for a snappy surprise.

Okay, this one’s definitely a more involved project. But they’re so nifty that it’s worth trying. Get the full instructions.

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10. This star-pattern “cookie pizza” is achievable for people of any age.

Get the recipe.

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11. It’s easier than you think to make these fun layered pudding cups.

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Get the recipe.

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12. Enlist little helpers for the three rounds of energetic shaking required to make patriotic puppy chow.

Get the recipe.

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13. Give drinks some holiday spirit with fruit frozen into ice cubes.

Instructions here.

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14. Colorful rice krispies treats are so easy you can let the kids do all the work.

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Get the recipe.

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15. Or make a dynamic duo of M&M rice krispie treats: stars AND stripes.

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16. Put together a flag-inspired cheese plate with red and blue fruit.

Try cheddar + berries or feta + watermelon.

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17. Decorate pretzels to make these adorable flag snacks.

The stripes are made with colored candy melts. More info here

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18. Freeze individual portions of striped smoothies in jars to give out at snack time.

Get the recipe.

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19. Decorate delicious peanut butter dip with sprinkles to make a flag.

Get the recipe.

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20. Cover a cookie cake with red, white and blue M&M’s.

You can make this cool chevron pattern, or let kids free-style their own design. Get the recipe.

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21. All you need is styrofoam cups, frosting and colored sugar to decorate adorable “sno-cone” cupcakes.

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Get the instructions here.

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22. Star-shaped marshmallows are way more fun to wave around than boring old flags.

Get the recipe.

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23. For a healthier wand option, stick with fruit.

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24. Make patriotic cupcake tops, because everyone knows the tops are the part that make life worth living.

Get the recipe.

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25. Dress up ice cream sandwiches in independence-themed sprinkles.

Here’s how.

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26. Combine the powers of Oreos and Cool Whip for a patriotic dirt cake.

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Get the recipe.

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27. Have your kids help cut out star chips from tortillas to scoop festive fruit salsa.

Get the recipe.

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28. Dip red, white and blue fruit kabobs in yogurt and freeze.


Let each little person assemble their own. Get the instructions here.

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29. Add some excitement to super-simple graham cracker ice cream sandwiches.

Get the recipe.

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