31 Fantastic Passover Desserts

Isn’t it time you settled down with a nice kosher chocolate cake?

1. Fallen Chocolate Cake

Because when it’s covered in mascarpone cream, are you really worried about a few cracks? Recipe here (contains dairy*).

*several of the desserts in this post use butter or cream, which is fine Passover rules-wise but may not be kosher if it’s served with a meal that includes meat. You can skip the topping in this case, and in general use kosher pareve margarine instead of butter and almond milk instead of cow milk.

ID: 959806

2. Alice Medrich’s Coconut Macaroons

Using coconut flakes instead of little shreds makes these extra pretty. Recipe here.

ID: 959948

3. Chocolate Truffle Pie With Orange-Champagne Sabayon

Recipe here.

ID: 959843

4. Almond-Lemon Torte

Recipe here.

ID: 959852

5. Two-Ingredient Chocolate Mousse

Chocolate + water = MAGIC! Recipe here.

ID: 959956

6. Pistachio Meringue Stack With Rose Cream And Strawberries

Recipe here (contains dairy).

ID: 959931

7. Chocolate Passover Cookies

Recipe here.

ID: 960395

8. Chewy Chocolate Meringues

Chocolate chips lie in wait beneath a smooth, innocent exterior, ready to incapacitate their prey. Recipe here.

ID: 960015

9. Almond-Coconut Tart

Gluten-free and dairy-free — a tart anyone could love. Recipe here.

ID: 960253

10. Matzoh Toffee

Recipe here.

ID: 960763

11. Cardamom Apple Almond Cake

Recipe here.

ID: 956799

12. Individual Soft Chocolate Almond Cakes

All for meeeeee. Recipe here.

ID: 961008

13. Ganache Filled Pecan Cookies

This would work with peanut butter, too, if you don’t consider legumes off-limits for Passover. Recipe here.

ID: 960964

14. Passover Apple Cake

Recipe here.

ID: 960770

15. Lighter-Than-Air Chocolate Cake

Look, Ma, no flour! Just make sure to swap in kosher-for-Passover confectioner’s sugar if you want to avoid cornstarch. Recipe here (contains dairy).

ID: 960789

16. Chocolate Pistachio Cakes With Chocolate Glaze

These little gluten-free cuties take some effort, but they’ll definitely impress party guests. Recipe here.

ID: 960835

17. Almond Pear-Blueberry Cake

Recipe here.

ID: 960923

18. Marble Matzoh Crunch

An artsy spin on the original classic crunch. Recipe here.

ID: 960933

19. Chocolate Hazelnut Torte

Recipe here (contains dairy).

ID: 956783

20. Hazelnut Chocolate Thumbprint Cookies

Recipe here (contains dairy).

ID: 960982

21. Almond Macaroon Torte With Chocolate Frosting

Basically a layer cake made out of cookies and chocolate. Okay, sure! Recipe here.

ID: 960988

22. Eton Mess

Cream and fruit and meringues and a pretty little sneak preview of summer. Recipe here (contains dairy).

ID: 961015

23. Flourless Chocolate Caramel Cake

Bless this pile of chocolate cake and ganache and caramel. Recipe here (contains dairy).

ID: 961209

24. Almond Coconut Macaroons

Add a little nutty crunch to traditional macaroons.Recipe here.

ID: 960523

25. Mascarpone Meringue Cake

Recipe here (contains dairy).

ID: 961047

26. Amaretto Olive Oil Cake

Recipe here.

ID: 961412

27. Flourless Chocolate Hazelnut Cupcakes

Recipe here.

ID: 961065

28. Passover Lemon Cheesecake

Recipe here (contains dairy).

ID: 961381

29. Feta Frozen Yogurt With Blood Orange And Mint Granita

A sophisticated option for the waist-watchers. Recipe here (contains dairy).

ID: 959912

30. Walnut-Date Torte

Dates make this cake chewy and sweet. Recipe here.

ID: 961417

31. Lavender-Earl Grey Flourless Chocolate Cake

Terribly refined, darling. Recipe here (contains dairy).

ID: 961388

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