29 Incredibly Specific Apology Cakes

Frosting makes everything better. Right? RIGHT?

1. For when you got a little carried away:

2. For when things just…didn’t quite work out:

3. For when you didn’t quite make it:

4. For when you did things in the heat of the moment that you regret:

5. For when you weren’t an ideal roommate:

6. For when you might have messed up, maybe?

7. For when you weren’t careful enough:

8. For when this happened:

9. For when you let something slip:

10. For when you missed your target:

11. For when you didn’t know your own strength:

12. For when you got a little confused:

13. Or very confused:

“I’m sorry I thought you were a woman.”

14. For when something just…happened:

15. For when you couldn’t resist:

16. For when you made a rash suggestion:

“I’m sorry the soap was a bad idea.”

17. For that time of the month:

18. For when you definitely misread the situation:

19. For when you weren’t a great friend:

“Sorry for masturbating without you :(“

20. For the fajitas:

21. For when your aim wasn’t so great:

22. For when you weren’t on the same page:

23. For when things got out of hand:

24. For when your judgment was off:

25. For when you shouldn’t have gotten involved:

“SORRY! For being sassy and causing your BF to fight with you.”

26. For when things happen that are outside your control:

27. For when mistakes were made:

28. For when you failed as a pet owner:

29. And most important of all, for when you were a cranky buttface:

There should just be a bakery that sells this cake and only this cake.

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