Martha Stewart Tweet Shames Apple

First a Kanye rant against Jimmy Kimmel, then this.

Miss manners, the doyenne of domesticity, Martha Stewart cast aside etiquette and tweet shamed the most powerful technology company in the world Thursday evening.

It all started earlier in the day, when Stewart tweeted that she broke two glass corners of her iPad and wasn’t sure what to do — bring it to the Apple store to get fixed or have a rep pick it up. A while later she tweeted what appeared to be a few jokes (albeit passive aggressive ones) about waiting for an Apple rep to arrive.

Except Apple apparently didn’t find it funny. An Apple executive or representative must have complained to Stewart about the tweets. Here’s the original tweets and what ensued:

So is it time to put out the fires and admit I was just pissed off at the fact my precious ipad shattered and I wanted to make light of it??

— MarthaStewart (@Martha Stewart)

i cannot believe that Apple Public Relations is mad at me for tweeting about my Ipad and how to get it fixed! steve jobs gave it to me!

— MarthaStewart (@Martha Stewart)

i wish i could explain everything here on twitter about the broken IPad, the stolen IPhone, the silly joke about repairs and my frustration!

— MarthaStewart (@Martha Stewart)

but it is impossible so i will deal with it all silently and hope that apple will fix everything so i can function again with proper tools

— MarthaStewart (@Martha Stewart)

10. Some responses to Stewart’s Apple tweets..

I have been waiting for this moment since I was fired from @MarthaStewart's 'Apprentice' 8 years ago…

— Bethenny (@Bethenny Frankel)

RT @panzer: @MarthaStewart I think Apple PR is mad at you because you keep spelling it 'Ipad'

— aidje (@Trevor Stinson)

Also: @MarthaStewart is a bucket of wonderful crazy with her ipad ordeal. It's a Good Thing when my fave celebrities drunk-tweet.

— sriggs (@riggs)

RT @suebob: @MarthaStewart I'm just disappointed that you can't make a better iPad from stuff you have lying around...If anyone can, it's y…

— sterlingrules (@Sterling Salzberg)

She is awesome RT @CatToyOriginal: Wow. I'm loving @MarthaStewart twitter. She says what she thinks. Out loud. Fantastic.

— AureliaCotta (@Aurelia Cotta)

Too much money, not enough sense. “@MarthaStewart: i can't believe Apple is mad at me for tweeting abt my Ipad! steve jobs gave it to me!”

— kairyssdal (@Kai Ryssdal)

Serving tray for olives. RT @MarthaStewart: I just dropped my iPad on the ground and shattered two glass corners. What to do?

— jasonWSJ (@Jason Gay)

Dear @MarthaStewart, please check your bank balance. You might be surprised to discover that you have enough money to buy a new iPad.

— markleggett (@Mark Leggett)

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