Here’s How Many People Need To Sign Up For Obamacare To Break Even

An estimated 5 million Americans have had their health plans canceled under President Obama’s Affordable Care Act. Here’s how many people now need to sign up for new plans every day.

1. The White House announced Wednesday about 106,000 people selected new health plans in the first month of open enrollment through the state and federal insurance marketplaces.

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2. Of those, about 27,000 people actually signed up for health plans through the federal site

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The Obama administration, as late as September, had expected nearly 500,000 people to enroll in the first month.

3. In the meantime, close to 5 million people had their health insurance plans canceled due to the law’s new requirements.

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4. In order for everyone to retain insurance, 156,000 people will need to sign up for new health plans every day until Dec. 15 — the deadline for health coverage to go into effect on Jan. 1, 2014.

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