The Internet Gets Naked To Support Lebanese Olympian Criticized For Racy Photo Shoot

Lebanese Olympic skier Jackie Chamoun has been criticized by the media and government alike for nearly nude photos taken at a photo shoot three-years ago. The Internet thinks differently.

This is Jackie Chamoun, a Lebanese Olympic skier who sparked controversy this week after pictures of her posing barely clothed for a calendar in Austria three years ago surfaced online and ignited sharp criticism from the Lebanese media and government.

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The country’s sports and youth minister, Faisal Karami, even asked the head of the Lebanese Olympic Committee to launch an investigation “to take the required steps to [avoid] harming Lebanon’s reputation and international participation.”

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Chamoun took to her Facebook to respond to the criticism and address the claim that she had acted inappropriately as a representative of Lebanon, which is considered the most socially liberal Arab state.

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Then a call to #StripForJackie went out on Twitter and Facebook, sparking a series of memes that redefine the, uh, naked truth of the story.

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#JackieChamoun Even those in Saudi are supporting you! #Sochi2014 #Olympics #TeamLeb #StripForJackie #Lebanon

— Roudy El-Hachache (@rhachache)
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Support from #Egypt to Jackie. #StripForJackie #Lebanon

— The Big Pharaoh (@TheBigPharaoh)
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Even Will Ferrell #StripForJackie

— Anis Tabet (@AnisTabet23)
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9. Even Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, the head of the militant group Hezbollah, made an appearance (not really).

Lebanon unites over Olympian #StripForJackie

— John Wreford (@JohnWreford)
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Even @AlmazaLeb stripped for Jackie. #StripForJackie

— Malek (@m7jeze)
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The naked truth is always better than the best dressed lie #JackieChamoun We Support You #StripForJackie

— PUBliCITY Jbeil (@publicityjbeil)
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Good luck ❤️ #JackieChamoun

— Lama Beydoun (@MumiBee)
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17. While much of the online response has focused on support for Chamoun, the Lebanese government and media have also been the subject of Internet ire for raising the story as a scandal at the start.

3 year old story published in Austria sets a #LebaneseScandal - someone really hates Jackie #StripForJackie

— silgond (@silgond)
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By the words of the great Ron Weasley, Minister Karami, you need to sort out your priorities. #JackieChamoun

— Nour Ezzeddine (@CHOULO19)
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— Gio Fikany (@fikanygio)
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