Southwest Plane Hit Nose First In Hard Landing At LaGuardia, NTSB Says

The nose gear on Southwest Airlines Flight 345 appears to have touched the runway first when landing at the New York airport on Monday.

2. The landing gear of the Boeing 737 plane penetrated the jet’s electronics bay when it collapsed.

HANDOUT / Reuters

3. After the plane hit the ground, it slid on its nose for almost 2,200 feet before finally coming to a stop.

HANDOUT / Reuters

5. Three passengers and five crew members were injured in the incident. Passengers exited the plane by using chutes.

HANDOUT / Reuters

The pilots of the plane are expected to be interviewed in the next few days, ABC News reported.

8. Here, NTSB engineer Chris Babcock prepares the Southwest 345 cockpit voice recorder in NTSB’s Washington, DC lab.

NTSB / Reuters

A cockpit voice recorder group will convene Friday at NTSB’s lab to transcribe the relevant portion of the flight.

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