Protesters Rally In Cities Across The U.S. In Solidarity With Ferguson

People gathered across the country Thursday for a national moment of silence to pay tribute to Michael Brown, who was fatally shot on Saturday.

1. People across the U.S. rallied together Thursday for a national moment of silence for Michael Brown, the unarmed teen who was shot by police on Saturday in Ferguson, Mo.

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3. According to The Root, the event, known as #NMOS14, was initiated by @FeministaJones, who described it as a way to come together “to remember the forgotten, ignored, killed, and abused.”

Photos from across the country showed people protesting in solidarity with the slain Ferguson teen.

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5. San Francisco

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AP Photo/Jeff Chiu

Serene Lewis (right) holds a candle during a moment of silence at a vigil held in San Francisco Thursday for the death of Michael Brown of Ferguson, Mo.

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AP Photo/Jeff Chiu

Savannah McCoy, 17 (right), holds up a sign as she and her friend Kimber Camgros, 16, listen to speakers during the vigil in San Francisco.

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AP Photo/Jeff Chiu

Taylor Cumings holds up a sign during the moment of silence at the vigil in San Francisco.

ID: 3597542
AP Photo/Jeff Chiu

A crowd raises their arms while chanting “Hands up, don’t shoot” during a protest for Brown in San Francisco on Thursday.

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10. Philadelphia

ID: 3598094

#NMOS14 #Philly

— Bam (@Bamcmxci)
ID: 3598202

Peaceful protest in Philadelphia against police brutality. #NMOS14 #Ferguson

— Josh Kruger (@jawshkruger)
ID: 3598208

marched to the top of the Philadelphia Art Museum in the rain for #Ferguson #NMOS14 #Philly

— theProphecy (@DonLoyalty)
ID: 3598205

#NMOS14 #Philly

— Bam (@Bamcmxci)
ID: 3598207

We love you #MichaelBrown #NMOS #NMOS14 #nmosphilly #WeAreTargets

— Dr. X (@TheBlackGuyX)
ID: 3598390

16. Milwaukee

ID: 3598100

@FeministaJones #NMOS14 Milwaukee

— Monique LaJulien (@__WISCONSIN__)
ID: 3598102

Over 200 people were at #NMOS14 Milwaukee, probablt more...up from the 20 that were to come yesterday

— Monique LaJulien (@__WISCONSIN__)
ID: 3598107

Truly thankful for all of you that put the word out and brought the Milwaukee community together for #NMOS14 #ferguson and #MikeBrown

— Monique LaJulien (@__WISCONSIN__)
ID: 3598105

My little brother #NMOS14 Milwaukee

— Monique LaJulien (@__WISCONSIN__)
ID: 3598461

21. Chicago

ID: 3597781


— Minku (@MinkuMedia)
ID: 3597896
ID: 3597783
AP Photo/Erica Hunzinger

People join hands during several minutes of silence at Daley Plaza in Chicago at a rally Thursday.

ID: 3597903
ID: 3598363

Favorite pic of the night. "I am Michael Brown." I love this kid. #NMOS14 #Chicago

— AislinnSolButterfly (@solbutterfly)
ID: 3598403

27. Colorado Springs

ID: 3598075
AP Photo/The Colorado Springs Gazette, Mark Reis

Dozens gather on the steps of City Hall in Colorado Springs, Colo., chanting “Hands up, don’t shoot” during a rally held to show solidarity with Ferguson, Mo., on Thursday.

ID: 3598072

29. Indianapolis

ID: 3598468

Hands up; don't shoot. #NMOS14 in the Circle City.

— Kat Dinosaur Coplen (@tremendouskat)
ID: 3598470

Tiffany and Joseph at #NMOS14 #indianapolis #MikeBrown

— Kat Dinosaur Coplen (@tremendouskat)
ID: 3598471

32. Phoenix

ID: 3597914

#NMOS14 Phoenix

— Paula (@PaulaPMc)
ID: 3598125

Phoenix #NMOS14

— Dr. Adrienne K. (@NativeApprops)
ID: 3598124

Happening in Phoenix, AZ right now #HandsUpDontShoot #NMOS14 #WeAreWithFerguson

— a higher mind ॐ (@kissthecosmos)
ID: 3597924

36. Miami

ID: 3598078

Right now at Miami's Gwen Cherry Park, dozens gathering to remember Michael Brown. #Ferguson

— Bruno Giglio (@BrunoPGiglio)
ID: 3598082

In Miami, eight people were arrested by U.S. Marshals for protesting inside the federal courthouse, NBC News reported.

ID: 3598086

39. Los Angeles

ID: 3597569
Bob Riha Jr / Reuters

Residents of South Los Angeles display signs about the fatal shooting in Ferguson, Mo.

ID: 3597543
Bob Riha Jr / Reuters

Residents of South Los Angeles display signs in the Leimert Park section of Los Angeles.

ID: 3597545
ID: 3597578
Bob Riha Jr / Reuters

Residents of South Los Angeles pause for a moment of silence in memory of Michael Brown in the Leimert Park section of L.A.

ID: 3597548

44. Seattle

ID: 3598416

At #NMOS14 in #Seattle #sea #JusticeForMikeBrown #MothersforPoliceAccountability

— Briana Saunders (@briana9)
ID: 3598420

#NMOS14 sign: "Black lives matter. #MikeBrown." #Seattle

— Paige Cornwell (@pgcornwell)
ID: 3598424

47. Washington, D.C.

ID: 3597615
AP Photo/Alex Brandon

Supporters raise their hands during a rally at Meridian Hill Park, also known as Malcolm X Park in Washington.

ID: 3597744

Malcolm X Park in DC #NMOS14 #Ferguson

ID: 3597683

Being young and black is not a crime. #Ferguson #NMOS14

ID: 3597685

#NMOS14 DC at Malcolm X Park #Ferguson

— Keifer (@KeiferMA)
ID: 3597617
ID: 3597630
AP Photo/Alex Brandon

Jordan Johnson (left), from Washington, Camille Chrysostom of Bowie, Md., and Jaimee Swift of Philadelphia, observe a moment of silence at Meridian Hill Park.

ID: 3597745

A teacher is here for her students. Powerful. #Ferguson

— Charles Clymer (@cmclymer)
ID: 3597635

55. Eugene, Ore.

ID: 3598277

People chant "Hands up. Don't shoot" at a vigil at the EMU in honor of #MikeBrown #NMOS14 @registerguard

— Ian Campbell (@MrCampbell17)
ID: 3598278

People bow their heads in a moment of silence at a vigil in Eugene in honor of #MikeBrown #NMOS14 @registerguard

— Ian Campbell (@MrCampbell17)
ID: 3598279

58. Detroit

ID: 3597666
AP Photo/Detroit Free Press, Ryan Garza

A large crowd listens during a vigil at Hart Plaza in downtown Detroit on Thursday.

ID: 3598164

Detroit Strong for #Ferguson #NMOS14

— Big Dumb Idiot (@mikexmoynihan)
ID: 3597667

#NMOS14 #Detroit #Ferguson #Family #DontShoot

— Jamma (@MyNameIsJamma)
ID: 3598091

No justice, no peace #NMOS14 #NMOS #momentofsilence #MikeBrown #MichaelBrown #Ferguson #FergusonShooting #Detroit

— Hannah Mathers (@hlmathers)
ID: 3597668

63. Denver

ID: 3598450

Standing together at #Denver #NMOS14, 5:23pm. #Ferguson #MikeBrown #TrayvonMartin

— Jasmine Sailing (@madamecp)
ID: 3598451

#Denver #NMOS14 #SolidarityWithFerguson

— Kenny Wiley (@KennySWiley)
ID: 3598456

66. Nashville

ID: 3597670

#nmos14 #Nashville honors lost lives at the hands of police violence. Some dissent amongst us but all gathered.

— Sirajah R (@Femininenergy)
ID: 3598130

Hundreds quietly rally downtown for slain Missouri teen.

— wsmv Nancy Amons (@WSMVNancyAmons)
ID: 3598383

Nashvillians gather for #NMOS14 on Broadway. #Ferguson

— Nashville Scene (@NashvilleScene)
ID: 3597671

#NMOS14 #OurLivesMatter #Nashville

— Ashiràh (@ALiberatedSoul)
ID: 3598131

71. Baltimore

ID: 3597939

#NMOS14 Baltimore

— Miá (@Melanie45221)
ID: 3597942

Baltimoreans share their stories #NMOS14

— Miá (@Melanie45221)
ID: 3598024

74. Montgomery, Ala.

ID: 3597768
AP Photo/Brynn Anderson

Wearing the color red to symbolize solidarity, Karen Jones attends an event dedicated to Michael Brown at the Civil Rights Memorial Center in Montgomery, Ala., on Thursday.

ID: 3597742
AP Photo/Brynn Anderson

People stand outside the Civil Rights Memorial Center for a moment of silence dedicated to Michael Brown on Thursday in Montgomery, Ala.

ID: 3597751

77. Oakland

ID: 3598112

#NMOS14 in #Oakland #Ferguson #justiceforall #JusticeForMikeBrown

— jamiedee (@scrandolphskie)
ID: 3598119

#NMOS14 #Oakland #JusticeForMikeBrown

— Chauncey K. R. (@UnapologeticCKD)
ID: 3598113

80. Pittsburgh

ID: 3598027

#mikebrown #Pittsburgh #handsupdontshoot #NMOS14

— Spice ☀♏ (@DeLaSpice)
ID: 3598031

#NMOS14 #Pittsburgh

— Spice ☀♏ (@DeLaSpice)
ID: 3598033

83. Des Moines

ID: 3597693

About 70 people here at the #NMOS14 event in Des Moines. People still showing up.

— Katherine Klingseis (@Katkling)
ID: 3598215

#NMOS14 Des Moines

— . (@Rrrrnessa)
ID: 3597694

86. Brooklyn

ID: 3598269
Eduardo Munoz / Reuters

People attend a vigil to honor Michael Brown, who was shot and killed by an unnamed police officer last Saturday in Ferguson, Mo., in Brooklyn, N.Y.

ID: 3598272
Eduardo Munoz / Reuters
ID: 3598274
Eduardo Munoz / Reuters

A woman in Brooklyn writes a message while attending a vigil to honor Michael Brown.

ID: 3598273

90. Portland, Ore.

ID: 3598038

Tragic protest for a tragic situation. #pdxferguson

— jakedockter (@jakedockter)
ID: 3598039

#pdx marching for #ferguson #nmos14

— Casey Parks (@NPDXReporter)
ID: 3598042

93. Atlanta

ID: 3597771

Atlanta #NMOS14 - solidarity and love #HandsUpDontShoot

— Lisa (@Smooshettina)
ID: 3598143
AP Photo/Atlanta Journal Constitution, Curtis Compton

Alaseye Yero holds a sign during a candlelight vigil and moment of silence Thursday Decatur, Ga.

ID: 3597748
AP Photo/Atlanta Journal Constitution, Curtis Compton

Destiny Brown, of Ellenwood, Ga., holds a sign as people hold a candlelight vigil Thursday in Decatur, Ga.

ID: 3597749
AP Photo/Atlanta Journal Constitution, Curtis Compton

Hundreds gather for a candlelight vigil and observe a moment of silence Thursday in Decatur, Ga.

ID: 3597753

"they say ferguson is a war zone. i been in a war zones. and in war zones, ppl shoot back." #NMOS14 #Atlanta

— Renisha M/Marissa A (@so_treu)
ID: 3598139
AP Photo/Atlanta Journal Constitution, Curtis Compton

Jakalia Brown, of Atlanta, holds a sign during a candlelight vigil and moment of silence.

ID: 3597754

100. San Diego

ID: 3598224

Crowd responding to speakers: "Hands up, don't shoot!" #NMOS14 in San Diego

— Tarryn Mento (@TBMento)
ID: 3598226

#HandsUpDontShoot #NMOS14 San Diego stands in solidarity with #Ferguson

— MoonWalking Unicorn (@UnicornOnMoon)
ID: 3598234

Don't think we don't hear you #Ferguson & #MikeBrown 's family. We stand with you in San Diego. #NMOS14

— Lisa Bolekaja (@LisaBolekaja)
ID: 3598232

ACLU representative telling audience their rights with police as citizens. San Diego. #NMOS14

— Lisa Bolekaja (@LisaBolekaja)
ID: 3598227

San Diego is in solidarity. #NMOS14 #ferguson #BMOC #MikeBrown #TrayvonMartin #EricGarner

— Lesliee (@_LeslieRenteria)
ID: 3598229

106. Orlando

ID: 3597775
AP Photo/John Raoux

A group of people hold up their arms during a nationwide moment of silence at a vigil to remember Missouri shooting victim Michael Brown in Orlando Thursday.

ID: 3597760
AP Photo/John Raoux

DeQuan Shanks speaks to a group of about 100 people that gathered for a vigil to remember Missouri shooting victim Michael Brown in Orlando.

ID: 3597763
AP Photo/John Raoux
ID: 3597759
AP Photo/John Raoux
ID: 3597761

111. Austin

ID: 3598506

#NMOS14 Austin, TX: "No justice, no peace..."

— spelled like: Ché (@soundslikeshay)
ID: 3598507

#momentofsilence in Austin, TX; solidarity with victims of #policebrutality time for #accountability #NMOS14 #oatx

— Radical Librarian (@1RadLibrarian)
ID: 3598509

114. Burlington, Vt.

ID: 3598170

Three minutes of silence begins at #NMOS14 in #btv #vt

— Elizabeth Murray (@LizMurraySMC)
ID: 3598221
AP Photo/The Burlington Free Press, Ryan Mercer

About 40 to 50 people gathered at City Hall Park in Burlington, Vt., Thursday night.

ID: 3598160

117. Boston

ID: 3597870

"1. We are the people 2. A little bit louder..." #NMOS14

— Nate Goldman (@NateGoldman)
ID: 3597876

One by one people are coming up to share their stories, anger about police brutality #nmos14

— Nate Goldman (@NateGoldman)
ID: 3597871

Hands up, moment of silence #NMOS14

— Nate Goldman (@NateGoldman)
ID: 3597877

121. Minneapolis

ID: 3598515

A TFA corps member, alumnus, and two staff members at #NMOS14 in Minneapolis.

— Teach For America (@TeachForAmerica)
ID: 3598516

In Mpls outside PD station after snatch & grab arrest of a person outside vigil.

— Smiley Hill (@smilyus)
ID: 3598518

Thank you to the organizers of #NMOS14 #minneapolis for creating a space for people to come together

— Amira H. (@AmiraHassan08)
ID: 3598519

125. New Orleans

ID: 3598524


— Afro-Latina (@PlMPCESS)
ID: 3598527


— Garnet (@INeedJa_Kadeeja)
ID: 3598529

from new orleans to #ferguson #NMOS14

— louise stacy (@senorastacy)
ID: 3598533

129. Manhattan

ID: 3597843
AP Photo/Michael R. Sisak

About 1,000 people march peacefully in New York City’s Union Square on Thursday.

ID: 3598152

"We need each other to survive." Powerful. #NMOS14 #Ferguson Union Sq

— Lainna Fader (@lainnafader)
ID: 3597846

"Hands up, don't shoot" #NMOS14 #Ferguson in Union Square

— Lainna Fader (@lainnafader)
ID: 3597852

The 4th Amendment in chalk in NYC's Union Square for #NMOS14 #Ferguson

— Lainna Fader (@lainnafader)
ID: 3597854


— Yasiin Bพ (@BranTheDon_)
ID: 3597859

Times Sq, briefly paused as ralliers remain, hemmed in at 46th St. Tourists gawk, move on. #HandsUpDontShoot #NMOS14

— Sheryl Huggins (@sherylhugg)
ID: 3597864

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