Inauguration: Swag Or Drag?

Was the crowd at Obama’s inauguration fab or drab?

1. Swag: Obama T-shirt under a fur coat

ID: 823973

2. Swag: Little girls wearing animal hats

ID: 823960

3. Drag: Adult men wearing animal hats

ID: 824028

4. Drag: Everything about this look

ID: 823988

5. Swag: Purple fur swag

ID: 823910

6. Swag: Beret swag

ID: 823958

7. Swag: Faux fur infinity scarf

ID: 823959

8. Drag: Taking up too much personal space

ID: 823962

9. Swag: Floppy brim hats

ID: 823961

10. Drag: Waiting on line for the port-o-potty

ID: 823975

11. Drag: Unabomber

ID: 823971

12. Swag: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle unabomber

ID: 823905

13. Swag: Lounging in the grass

ID: 823965

14. Drag: Lounging on the plastic groundscover

ID: 823907

15. Swag: Peacoats

ID: 823966

16. Drag: No coats. It was 35 degrees out!

ID: 823967

17. Swag: Jumpsuits with sunglasses

ID: 824034

18. Drag: Grown man with a Cookie Monster backpack

ID: 823969

19. Drag: RealTree camo

ID: 824031

20. Swag: Actually blending into trees

ID: 823970

21. Drag: Crocodile Dundee swagfail

ID: 824174

22. Drag: Taking pictures with your iPad

ID: 823974

23. Swag: Cute pixie haircuts with white puffer coats

ID: 823976

24. Drag: Letting your fur coat get dirty

ID: 823977

25. Drag: Taking your shoes off and writing in your dream journal

Everything about this, actually.

ID: 823978

26. Swag: Patriotic jackets

ID: 823984

27. (The back of the jacket)

ID: 824175

28. Drag: Monster energy drink gear


ID: 823979

29. Swag: Finding a place to sit

ID: 823981

30. Drag: Passing out

ID: 824039

31. Drag: This attention hog in his weird outfit

There were about 5 people taking photos of him at all times.

ID: 823980

32. Swag: This woman dripping with swag

ID: 823982

33. Swag: Repping your home state

ID: 823985

34. Drag: Pashmina scarf wrapped around your waist? I don’t even understand this.

ID: 824173

35. Drag: Pendelton jackets (so 2011)

ID: 823986

36. Drag: These monstrosities

ID: 823987

37. Drag: Holy heck THESE

ID: 824049

38. Swag: Wearing your hair to one side

ID: 824001

39. Swag: Matching outfts with your bestie

ID: 824030

40. Drag: This Uncle Sam rave hat

ID: 824035

41. Swag: Obama beanies

ID: 824036

42. Swag: Cool homemade sign made in advance

ID: 824041

43. Drag: Sign you clearly just made that morning with a box and pen

ID: 824038

44. Swag: Fur coat with an Obama beanie

ID: 824043

45. Swag: Matching fur coats

ID: 824044

46. Swag: Floor length white fur coat with an Obama scarf

ID: 824046

47. Drag: Faux fur jackets

ID: 823909

48. Drag: Boring horses

ID: 824050

49. Swag: Horses with glitter toe nail polish

ID: 824052

50. Drag: Getting your BMW towed. Obey those parking rules, guys!

ID: 824208

51. Swag: Making this face when a stranger randomly snaps your photo

ID: 824172

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