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“Positive Energy Is 2013!” An Inauguration Weekend Diary

Relive the glamorous, glorious, Beyoncé-ous pageantry of the week’s big event.

18 Style Lessons From The Least Boring People At The Inaugural Balls

So, it wasn't just all stuffy old people wearing fashion-backwards formal attire. Here are some of the rules that were broken by the most adventurous attendees.

The World Reacts To Obama's Inauguration

Obama pro sňatky homosexuálů! The foreign headlines focus on war, immigration, and gay rights.

What A Difference Four Years Makes

The smartphone presidency.

John Boehner Was Grumpy At The Inauguration

And there was no consoling him.

The Internet Reacts To The Inauguration

This is supposed to be a respectful and solemn day for the country, so can we please try and take this seriously for just two seconds?!

The Inauguration Through Beyonce's Eyes

Queen Bey gives her loyal subjects some behind-the-scenes photos from her "Star Spangled Banner" performance.

Rep. Peter King Had No Idea Who The Guy Beside Beyonce Was

"Anybody who looked important I took a picture of at the inauguration..."

Small Countries Have Their Moment To Shine At The Ambassadors Ball

The forgotten parts of D.C.'s international community partied just a couple blocks away from the main Inaugural Ball. The tiniest countries unite.

The Inaugural Ball Was Just Like Prom

Ball gowns and cheesy photo ops.

23 Reasons Sasha And Malia Stole The Inauguration

They're basically America's awesome kid sisters, and the inauguration was their day to shine.

44 Memorable Photos From Obama's Second Inauguration

Our 44th president got sworn in again. It was a big day.

VIDEO: Barack And Michelle Obama Dance At Commander In Chief's Inaugural Ball

The President and First Lady dance to Al Green’s “Let’s Stay Together,” performed by Jennifer Hudson at the ball for the nation's servicemembers.

Michelle Obama's Inaugural Ball Gown

The First Lady wore Jason Wu again. It nearly broke Twitter.

Obama Serves Cheez-Its At Inaugural Ball

Drink lines go dozens deep.

Mariner Drummer Wears An Awesome Leopard Skin Poncho In The Inaugural Parade

A member of the Merchant Marine Academy Band added something a little extra to her uniform.

Will Michelle Obama's Cardigan Become A Point Of Debate?

She does not have a perfect history with cardigans.

Everybody Wore Fur To The Inauguration

This seems to have been a thing.

The Single Best Piece Of Obama Swag In Existence

Behold, 1%. End of discussion.

10 People Who Chose Style Over Warmth At The Inauguration

DC is not, in fact, an abyss of style, outside of Michelle Obama.

Katy Perry Brought A Tiny Aretha Franklin Hat To The Inauguration

Also, John Mayer. But let's focus on the hat!

Republicans Struggle To Say Nice Things About Obama's Speech

"The White House continues to be very confrontational," complains Barrasso. Portman checks his watch.

Al Roker Freaks Out After Meeting Joe Biden

Insert your favorite 'mind blown' GIF right here.

Obama Prepares To Govern From The Left

Gay rights, climate, and gun control! "A much more muscular form of liberalism," says Begala.

27 Photos Of People Who Slept Through The Inauguration

A few early risers took a little disco nap out on the National Mall.

Beyoncé Didn't Rehearse With The Marine Band Until The Night Before The Inauguration

"She's getting ready for the Super Bowl," the director explained.

Did Beyoncé Upstage Michelle Obama?

I merely pose the question. Only you can decide!

Joe Biden Toasts Chuck Schumer Like Only Joe Biden Can

"To a man who never, never, never operates out of fear, who only operates out of confidence — I’m toasting Chuck.”

Inauguration: Swag Or Drag?

Was the crowd at Obama's inauguration fab or drab?

The 22 Most Fabulous Beyoncé Moments From The Inauguration

Are we sure she isn't the 44th president?

Justice Alito Is Not Impressed

Someone appears to have had *too* much fun last night.

A Look Back At The First Presidential Inauguration Photo

Over 150 years ago, inauguration history was made when John Wood captured this image. James Buchanan was sworn into office during a tumultuous time for the Capitol Building.

Obama Looks Over The Capitol One Last Time: "I'm Not Going To See This Again"

"I want to look out one more time. I'm not going to see this again," the President said.

The Tuskegee Airmen Define Patriotism

Members of the first black unit of airmen to fight in WWII, veterans of the Tuskegee Airmen showed why they're still badasses at the inauguration.

3 Words Of Advice For Obama From Regular Americans

We asked members of the crowd at the Inauguration to give three words of advice for Obama for the next four years.

Obama Becomes A "Great" President

And Republicans start looking for ways to embrace him. Liberals should be prepared to lose him.

The Best Photobombs Of The Inauguration

Photobombing nirvana reached.

The First Daughters: Then And Now

Sasha and Malia Obama have grown up since their father's first inauguration.

Check Out Malia's Adorable Dance Moves

When Michelle came out, Malia did a little shoulder pop-and-lock dance move. Is it the dougie? Arms-free cabbage patch?

Obama Sworn In To Second Term

Again. "Today we continue a never-ending journey, to bridge the meaning of those words with the realities of our time," Obama said.

Inaugural Speaker Mistakenly Calls Obama The 45th President

Delivering the invocation, civil rights leader Myrlie Evers-Williams flubs Obama's position — he's the 44th president, and the 43rd man to hold the post. (Grover Cleveland counts twice because he was president, lost re-election, and then won another term.) She also referred to the white Capitol dome as "golden."

24 Delightful Inauguration Firsts

Think you know inauguration? Guess which President was the first to invite his mom.

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