The Long-Lost Tweets Of The Media Elite

How did the media’s most influential accounts tweet when they first started out? Let’s take another little trip into Twitter’s memory hole. posted on

1. New York Times, 2007:

"Word up!" It is I, the Gray Lady, with a "shoutout" to all my hip young friends. Just wanted you to know I've added new specialized feeds.

2. Washington Post, 2009:

Hello new followers! Ready for #inaug09?" target="_blank">">#inaug09? On Jan. 20, tell us about traffic/Metro/walking problems using hashtag #dcalert" target="_blank">">#dcalert (please retweet)

OH: Man: "Let's ask (the Nat'l Guardsman) how far the Mall is." Woman: "...We don't want the mall. We want to go to that big grassy field."

4. Slate, 2008:

Who would've thought that a Communist nation would excel at synchronized drumming?

China in 1978 apparently looked like a Microsoft Windows screen saver

Q: Prediction time: Who wins the presidency? By what margin? What's the deciding factor? And how about House, Senate races?

OK, journalists, come on. Our economy is crumbling; we're still in two wars, and you're asking Obama about getting a shelter dog?

13. New Yorker, 2008:

Rahm Emanuel, undecided superdelegate, said that Obama is the “presumptive nominee” during a conversation at The New Yorker Conference.

14. Breaking News, 2007:

JUST IN: US Secretary Rice says no new Cold War in Russian-US relations

16. BBC, 2008:

18. Rupert Murdoch, 2011:

Great oped inWSJ today on Ron Paul. Huge appeal of libertarian message.

22. Steve Forbes, 2010:

One unambiguous piece of great news—youngest daughter graduated from college!

Baseball commissioner should reverse self and restore that perfect game!

24. Arianna Huffington, 2009:

Many thanks for the warm welcome! I look forward to tweeting for years to come.

Writing about credit unions on Monday. Have you read anything interesting about them lately?

Had fun at the Webbies. Acceptance speech: I didn't kill newspapers, okay?

27. Tina Brown, 2010:

Count down to our women in the world summit and I'm tweeting my first tweet.

Ever since the tampon in the car park, my interest in the Tiger story finally died.

Woah!'s superb content will live on under its own banner & in URLs on the new site. Not shutting down, combining.

30. David Carr, 2009:

old man stumbles onto social media platform. hits interthing trip wire. mayhem and tears ensue.

I'd do anything to have that just-written feeling except actually write something. 1,400 words = 14 tweets. no biggie, right?

Does time and space expand to fill twitter or is it the other way around? I always forget. On pier in nola eating mufeletta. Def. Expanding

when winter finally ends, we become dawgs hanging our heads out the car window of life. having a moment. please ignore the tongue-slobber.

34. Henry Blodget, 2008:

And now MSFT is talking to News Corp about going after Yahoo together! MySpace, MSN, Yahoo

36. Matt Drudge, 2011:

@HowardStern" target="_blank">">@HowardStern ok if howard's finally going for tweets, I better, too. Always hated the name 'twitter', so bitter.

Why must Internet terms always be so flakey and such kitch? Blogger Cyber Netizen?! Get it over with, insert the stuxnet in my android!

38. Mike Allen, 2009:

We just got Siamese fortune cookies --two in one bag--"The best way to succeed in life is to act on the advice you give to others"--SO TRUE!

TV gonna eat up TIME cover tease: "Boomerangers: Bunking In with Mom and Dad"--opposite of recent trend story saying more taking care of M&D

40. Ezra Klein, 2009:

Earlier tonight, I was in a latin-asian fusion restaurant playing a techno remix of hava nagila. THis melting pot thing has gone too far.

How could there have been a Ryan Reynolds/Rachel Weisz romantic comedy with political overtones and no one told me?

43. Joan Walsh, 2009:

My daughter Nora had to hold the door to the MSNBC trailer shut to keep out David Shuster and Pat Buchanan while KO taped his promo JW

i haven't gotten over this whole black president thing, I gotta say. I could watch this all night...

Long day. But despite what you've been hearing, and hoping, I'm not going to marry Dick Armey!

46. Nick Denton, 2009:

The confusing name and amateurish design of could be a deliberate antidote to the pro web. Or just be confusing and amateurish.

To quote the great Marty Singer -- Eric Dane's lawyer -- if you don't want a sex tape on the internet, "don't make one!"

49. Anthony de Rosa, 2008-9:

51. Nick Kristof, 2008:

@sashak and @myoung" target="_blank">">@myoung Thanks for the welcome. I'm trying to avoid going extinct. Help teach me how to do this....--ndk

52. Jack Shafer, 2009:

Mark Morford hammers the critique of newspapers by "geek gurus" Shirky, Winer, and Johnson. I sense a building backlash.

53. David Gregory, 2009:

Hey, just jumping into the conversation on twitter, thanks to Sacca. I know this is going to be better than the banking comm hearing on now.

54. Dan Abrams, 2009:

I took a long walk with my dad tonight. There is nothing better than quality time with your personal idol.

55. Jeff Jarvis, 2007:

I wish we could tag tweets with 140-character reviews: The nano Entertainment Weekly

Jut heard Good Morning America says "you can Twitter on your phone, it's like MySpace on your phone." Close but no iPhone.

59. Clay Shirky, 2008:

It's funner to curse the darkness than to light a single candle.

61. Jonah Peretti, my boss, 2010:

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