The Lost Tweets Of Tech Elite

How did tech’s most influential people tweet four, five, and six years ago? Let’s take a little trip into Twitter’s memory hole. posted on

1. Twitter, July 2007:

fixing to send out an email with news about twitter to a bunch of nice folks

Taking twitter down for a little nap - the site and message delivery will be back within 4 hours

5. YouTube cofounder Chad Hurley, April 2009:

6. Google, February 2009:

I'm 01100110 01100101 01100101 01101100 01101001 01101110 01100111 00100000 01101100 01110101 01100011 01101011 01111001 00001010

Thanks to everyone for your warm Twitter welcome - we're excited to be here.

9. Former Facebook employee and Path Founder Dave Morin, March 2008:

Did everyone have an AWESOME day? What an incredible time to be working and living the internet! We are all very lucky.

11. Entrepreneur Anil Dash, 2007:

15. Weblogs, Inc. founder Jason Calacanis, March 2007:

This twitter thing is going to be huge.... I'm going to start a network of twitter blogs around topics like gadgets, cars, and gossip....

Who's building a twitter/google adsense widget? I need to monitize this medium before Denton.

17. Current Twitter CEO Dick Costolo, 2007:

my facebook news feed now 95% things of no interest or relation to me. I'm out.

I am the number four search result for "dick measure" at Filed under: You gotta start somewhere

Thinking that i don't like the term 'social graph'. Also don't like the word 'prosumer', which shouldn't be allowed to be a word.

dreamed i started a business faxing pictures of fish to people. Think the antibiotics are having some unwelcome side effects.

21. NYT Tech columnist David Pogue, 2009:

Just played with the Palm Pre. HOLY COW is that a spectacular phone! I'll be there's panic in Cupertino....

iPhone app store now up to 15,000. When am I going to have time to reivew them all?

Hey--I'm writing about the rise of gadgets that can recharge through a mini-USB jack (like BlackBerry, etc.). Can you think of any others?

24. And his counterpart at the WSJ, Walt Mossberg, in 2008:

Just saw a giant Hannukah Menorah made entirely of seashells on a street in South Beach. Weird.

Am glad everyone now has a mobile app store . But they are hard to do right. Just announcing one doesn't mean it'll be any good.

New experience: Tweeting on an iPhone from eye doctor's office while eyes are dilated from the drops they use. Focus, focus, focus!

27. VC and GigaOm founder Om Malik, in 2006:

35. Twitter cofounder Biz Stone, 2006:

42. Twitter cofounder Ev Williams, 2006:

Ok this sounds a little gay but the Virgin America pilots are cute. I mean really cute.

Kindle is what happens when a company designs a product to fit its business model instead of its customers needs.

48. Journalist Sarah Lacy, 2007:

49. VC and blogger Michael Arrington, 2009:

woohoo. A Twitter account of my very own, unbound by the corporate policy chains of TechCrunch. Freedom!

51. VC and blogger MG Siegler, 2007:

53. Former Googler, now Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer, 2009:

Maybe our 6th sense will be "crowd sensing" - like crowd sourcing but done passively through sensors on phones and enabling trends 2b seen

55. Startup blogging human Robert Scoble, 2006:

I'm going to Twitter from three states today: Louisiana, Iowa, and New Hampshire. Right now I'm in New Orleans with a journalist from the WaPo.

Twitter is amazing. Got 12 emails already in the first three minutes. SXSW is going to be so fun!

58. Lifehacker founder and entrepreneur Gina Trapani, 2007:

Surprisingly, Twitter's a hard sell to the productivity crowd. :\

59. Apple VP Phil Schiller, 2009:

Goodbye Galactica. You gave us 4 years of great SciFi/Drama. And went out as grandly as you came in. I shall miss you.

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