Can You Guess The Karaoke Song?

Humming is hard.

Karaoke is hard. Even this sweet little girl agrees.

So we asked a bunch of randos on the street to *hum* a go-to karaoke song for your quizular enjoyment.

So be nice. Ok, GO!

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1. This guy didn’t do much humming, but he got really into it:

ID: 3512989
  1. What song is this?
    1. “Superfreak”
    2. “Like a Virgin”
    3. “Billie Jean”
    4. “This is How We Do It”
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2. This lady hummed practically the entire song.

(But we cut it down to make sure it’s really hard.)

ID: 3514225
  1. What song is she singing?
    1. “The Thong Song”
    2. “Party in the USA”
    3. “No Scrubs”
    4. “Killing Me Softly”
ID: 3514237

3. This one’s a classic:

ID: 3514651
  1. Who sings this song?
    1. Tina Turner
    2. Gloria Gaynor
    3. Aretha Franklin
    4. Lana Del Rey
ID: 3514685

4. This girl basically deserves a record deal:

ID: 3514772
  1. Who sings this song?
    1. Elton John
    2. Billy Joel
    3. Neil Diamond
    4. Rod Stewart
ID: 3514798

5. So this one is getting a little harder…

ID: 3515026
  1. What song is this?
    1. “I’m Out”
    2. “Umbrella”
    3. “Dip it Low”
    4. “Single Ladies”
ID: 3515086

6. This guy’s future in music is so bright he has to wear shades:

ID: 3515094
  1. What song is he totally murdering?
    1. “Piano Man”
    2. “Maggie May”
    3. “American Pie”
    4. “Sweet Caroline”
ID: 3515635

7. This guy asked the DJ to dim the lights and said his song was going out to a very special someone:

ID: 3515650
  1. What slowjam is he singing?
    1. “The Power of Love”
    2. “I Will Always Love You”
    3. “Hero”
    4. “How Do I Live”
ID: 3515749

8. All she needs is a synthesizer:

ID: 3515797
  1. Who sings this song?
    1. Duran Duran
    2. A-Ha
    3. Tears For Fears
    4. A Flock of Seagulls
ID: 3515910

9. And now, please take a deep breath and put your hands together for this guy:

ID: 3516009
  1. What is this song?
    1. “Iris”
    2. “I’ve Been Here Before”
    3. “Say My Name”
    4. This is a song the man improvised on the spot, a deeply personal ballad of love lost sung in a minimalist style.
ID: 3516081

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