The Romneys Were On Rachael Ray’s Show

They cooked a family recipe and played the Newlyweds game. Ann’s celebrity crush is Rob Lowe.

1. Mitt and Ann Romney appeared on the Rachael Ray Show Friday.

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2. Ann is promoting her cookbook The Romney Family Table.

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3. They cooked Ann’s sweet pork burritos.

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4. Which includes Dr. Pepper. Dr. Pepper, people!

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6. They talked about what shows they watch.

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8. Then the Romneys played the Newleywed Game and scored three out of five. They both knew what annoyed Ann the most about Mitt.

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9. And where their first kiss was.

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10. And Ann’s guilty pleasure.

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11. But Mitt didn’t answer correctly about Ann’s celebrity crush.

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13. And Ann didn’t answer correctly about who Mitt would be if he could be a cartoon character.

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14. Because Mitt said Spiderman.

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17. Ann’s been on the show before. She played interview roulette with Rachael in 2012.

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18. Ann was asked what her advice was for a happy marriage.

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19. And what she would have named her daughter if she had one.

Her grandmother was named Patience and she married a man whose last name was Darling.

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20. And what her most embarrassing moment was.

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Everyone thought that was pretty funny.

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23. You can watch all their segments here.

Correction: An earlier version of this post misstated the date the 2012 segment aired.

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