T-Pain And Will.I.Am Were At The Youth Inaugural Ball

Young Americans at the ball said artists like T-Pain and didn’t represent their generation. “When I think about our generation, I think about Taylor Swift,” one teen said.

1. There was a inaugural youth ball in Washington, D.C., this weekend and T-Pain was there.

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2. For a ball meant for young people, there were tons of old people.

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3. But there were some young people there and they said T-Pain didn’t represent their generation but they still wanted to take Instagram pictures of him.

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4. T-Pain said his favorite T-Pain song was “Keep Going.”

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5. He also said he’d definitley auto-tune President Obama’s singing.

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6. Matthew Segal, the CEO of the, said his favorite T-Pain song was “I’m In Love With A Stripper.”

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7. Arianna Huffington refused to say what her favorite T-Pain song, saying it was “a secret.”

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8. didn’t have time to say what his favorite T-Pain song was because he was too busy talking about how he’s inspiring America’s youth.

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9. He said kids won’t listen to scientists or engineers. “They’re going to listen to people like me,” he said.

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10. The only problem was by the time got to the red carpet, all the young people had gone inside.

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11. Which was a shame because said instead of grading Obama’s first term, we should grade ourselves.

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12. Which is really kind of poignant if you think about it.

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Photos by Hunter Schwarz and John Stanton for BuzzFeed.

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