CNN Panelist Calls Mitt Romney A “Religious Fanatic” For Encouraging Mormon Graduates To Have Families

Romney was criticized on CNN after talking to graduates at a predominantly Mormon university about the importance of marriage and family.

Mitt Romney spoke at Southern Virginia University commencement last week.

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SVU is 92 percent Mormon, so Romney mentioned things Mormons are familiar with like the importance of marriage and family.


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He quoted from Psalms 127:3-5 where it says a man is blessed for having a “quiver full of” children.


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And talked about his own family.

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Romney has five sons and plenty of grandkids.

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On CNN’s Piers Morgan Thursday, Maeve Reston suggested the reason Romney didn’t poll well with single women voters was because he was “very much into” his family.

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And Marc Lamont Hill called Romney a “religious fanatic.”

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At SVU, 10% of students are married (at Mormon Church owned Brigham Young University, that number is even higher: 25%).


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CNN did not respond to questions about these remarks and if they stand by them.

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Here’s the full segment.


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And here are Romney’s full remarks at SVU.


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