The World Mourns Roger Ebert

Everyone from President Obama to Steven Spielberg offer condolences on the passing of Roger Ebert.

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2. Richard Roeper, Ebert’s former partner wrote a moving obituary for the Sun Times:

3. On Twitter, directors sent messages of remembrance:

R.I.P. Roger Ebert. It was a privilege to interact with you. Thank you for the support, the criticism, and the true love for the movies.

— diablocody (@Diablo Cody)

"This is my happening and it freaks me out". Roger Ebert wrote the truly incredible Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls. He is beyond a legend.

— edgarwright (@edgarwright)

R.I.P. Roger Ebert. One of the greats in his field. I'm very sad.

— AlbertBrooks (@Albert Brooks)

My thoughts are with Roger Ebert's family. He was one of the greats and will be dearly missed.

— wescraven (@Wes Craven)

I Miss My Dear Friend Roger Ebert.Roger Was One Of The 1st Major Movie Critics To Support My Joints,Especially Malcolm X And DTRT.-R.I.P.

— SpikeLee (@Spike Lee)

11. Steven Spielberg in a statement to Ain’t It Cool News:

“Roger loved movies. They were his life. His reviews went far deeper than simply thumbs up or thumbs down. He wrote with passion through a real knowledge of film and film history, and in doing so, helped many movies find their audiences. Along with Gene Shalit, Joel Siegel, and of course Gene Siskel, Roger put television criticism on the map. Roger’s passing is virtually the end of an era and now the balcony is closed forever.”

12. Actors and media titans chimed in as well:

Roger and Gene together again. End of an era.

— Oprah (@Oprah Winfrey)

If cancer came to take me piece by piece, I hope I could summon even a fraction of the grace Roger Ebert showed us, in such abundance

— MiaFarrow (@mia farrow)

Goodbye Roger Ebert, we had fun. The balcony is closed.

— SteveMartinToGo (@Steve Martin)

Sad to hear about the passing of Roger Ebert, he was a grand man & in my opinion the dean of American film critics-he will be sorely missed

— kingsthings (@Larry King)

16. As did giants of the entertainment industry:

We are so sad to report that renowned film critic Roger Ebert has died at the age of 70. We'll miss you, Roger. #RIP

— IMDb (@IMDb)

17. And other critics:

Really saddened by news of Roger Ebert's passing, an inspirational figure whose insightful passion for cinema shone through every word.

— KermodeMovie (@Mark Kermode)

19. Even President Obama released a statement:

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