44 Memorable Photos From Obama’s Second Inauguration

Our 44th president got sworn in again. It was a big day.

1. Finishing touches are put in place before the sun rises.

Brian Cassella/Chicago Tribune / MCT
ID: 824225

2. The sun slowly rises over the Capitol.

Alex Brandon / AP
ID: 824323

3. People file into the Washington Mall.

Jason Reed / Reuters
ID: 824335

4. The Capitol is ready.

Jason Reed / Reuters
ID: 824291

5. People (and their flags) waited overnight to get a spot.

Eric Thayer / Reuters
ID: 824265

6. An estimated 1 million people would watch Obama’s second inauguration in person.

Eric Thayer / Reuters
ID: 824267

7. The podium is marked.

Win McNamee, Pool / AP
ID: 824204

8. The crowds gather.

Jim Bourg / Reuters
ID: 824331

9. San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro is the first to his seat.

Brian Cassella/Chicago Tribune / MCT

He gave the keynote address at the Democratic National Convention.

ID: 824205

10. The president makes his way to Capitol Hill.

Brian Snyder / Reuters
ID: 825073

11. The president arrives at the Capitol.

Jonathan Ernst / Reuters
ID: 825074

12. Obama signs the inauguration proclamation.

Jonathan Ernst / Reuters
ID: 825022

13. Signed, sealed, and delivered.

Pool photo by Jonathan Ernst / Reuters / MCT
ID: 825012

14. The justices gather.

Pat Benic/UPI / MCT
ID: 824247

15. America’s First Daughters arrive.

Pool photo by Win McNamee / Getty Images / MCT

Sasha and Malia were the true stars of the inauguration.

ID: 825036

16. Jay-Z and Beyonce follow.

Win McNamee / Getty Images / MCT
ID: 825071

17. Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi are next.

Pool photo by Win McNamee Getty Images / MCT
ID: 825037

18. Obama!

Pool photo by Win McNamee / Getty Images / MCT
ID: 825038

19. Hillary and Bill greet Barack.

Pool / Reuters
ID: 825027

20. Myrlie Evers-Williams, the wife of a fallen civil rights leader, delivers the invocation.

Mark Gail / MCT

Her husband, Medgar, was murdered in 1963.

ID: 825014

21. Obama takes in the moment.

Pool / Reuters
ID: 824211

22. Obama and Biden shake hands.

Pool photo by Rob Carr / Getty Images / MCT
ID: 824221

23. Vice President Joe Biden is sworn in again.

JMP-Douliery/Abaca Press / MCT
ID: 824223

24. As is President Obama.

Carolyn Kaster / AP
ID: 824870

25. The crowd waves flags from the National Mall.

Gabriel B. Tait / MCT
ID: 825069

26. The president delivers his inaugural address.

ID: 825020

27. “Today we continue a never-ending journey, to bridge the meaning of those words with the realities of our time.”

Win McNamee, Pool / AP
ID: 824915

28. Obama calls for action on climate change, gay rights, and gun violence.

Pablo Martinez Monsivais / AP

Read his full speech here.

ID: 825003

29. Before a crowd of 1 million people.

Eric Thayer / Reuters
ID: 824229

30. Kelly Clarkson sings “My Country Tis of Thee.”

Pool photo by Pat Benic/UPI / MCT
ID: 825033

31. The Obamas look on.

Brian Cassella/Chicago Tribune / MCT
ID: 824207

32. Beyonce sings the national anthem.

Brian Cassella/Chicago Tribune / MCT

It was fabulous.

ID: 825019

33. The dignitaries begin to file out.

Pool / Reuters
ID: 825034

34. The president stops to take one last look at the assembled crowds.

Pablo Martinez Monsivais / AP

“I’m not going to see this again,” he said.

ID: 824796

35. And continues on his way.

Mike Theiler / Reuters
ID: 824874

36. The Obamas and the Bidens.

Pool / Reuters
ID: 825005

37. The president and First Lady leave for the Inaugural Parade.

Chris Kleponis / Reuters
ID: 824826

38. They wave to spectators along Pennsylvania Avenue.

Pool / Reuters
ID: 824829

39. And look flawless.

Larry Downing / Reuters
ID: 824831

40. Vice President Biden and Dr. Jill Biden join them on the parade route.

Chuck Myers / MCT
ID: 825008

41. Were you the person Biden gave a thumbs-up to?

Chuck Myers / MCT
ID: 825007

42. The First Couple show affection in the stands as they watch the parade.

Joe Skipper / Reuters
ID: 824871

43. Michelle almost broke Twitter when she walked out in Jason Wu at the Commander-in-Chief’s Ball

Rick Wilking / Reuters


ID: 825031

44. The First Couple dance to “Let’s Stay Together.”

Jason Reed / Reuters

Perfect choice.

ID: 824868

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