Jon Stewart On The “Meth Labs Of Democracy”

Sodomy, zygotes, and welfare, oh my.

Jon Stewart railed against questionable moves by very conservative state politicians around the country in a segment called, “Sodomy! Zygotes! Welfare!”

ID: 1060474

First stop was Virginia where Republican candidate for governor Ken Cuccinelli opposes oral and anal sex.

ID: 1060482

Next was Tennessee state senator Stacey Campfield who wants to cut welfare to parents who have children with bad grades.

ID: 1060484

Campfield also has a theory about AIDS that he isn’t shy about sharing with the public.

ID: 1060486

“Did you read that monkey sex story in the New England Journal of Bullshit?”

ID: 1060472

Here’s the whole segment:

ID: 1060489

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