CNN’s Core State Of The Union Team Is Very White And Very Male

This promo ad for CNN’s State Of The Union coverage probably gave Men’s Rights activists something to cheer about.

Poor Candy Crowley. The rumors that the host of CNN’s premiere Sunday show will be one of the next big names to get guillotined under Jeff Zucker’s reign of terror got some legitimacy with the release of a network promo ad hyping coverage of President Barack Obama’s second State of the Union address.

The nine-second spot name-checks anchors Wolf Blitzer, Anderson Cooper, Jake Tapper, and Chris Cuomo as the stars of the show, while lumping Capitol Hill reporter Dana Bash and Chief White House Correspondent Jessica Yellin together like backup singers in a rock group called the “CNN team.”

Crowley, CNN’s chief political correspondent, is nowhere to be seen, and neither is political event regular Erin Burnett, leaving the impression that the future of CNN’s political coverage will definitely have the white male’s perspective covered.

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